This page definitely needs work, but I can't have people thinking I'm 19 when I'm actually the ripe ol' age of 21, can I?

Till I get the time to post something up, I'm a final year law student at LSE and am very eager to embark on the plan God has for me!

Howdy, there!

My name is Tiffany and I'm nineteen years old.

Despite what the pictures show, I'm unbelievably tanned and for someone who's 95% Chinese, that causes quite a bit of confusion. I'm practically a walking 1Malaysia poster, without the amalgamation of the races. One moment, someone would be surprised that there isn't a single ounce of Malay blood in me, and the next, I would be "most definitely Chindian". 

Racial ambiguity aside, I speak like a bullet train, laugh like a maniac, and run as fast as a whale can walk. I make jokes at the expense of others and often (wrongly) assume that they get my sense of humour. But, honestly, I mean no harm! 

This blog was once the home of over 600 posts but in a rare urge to organize my life, I decided to organize my blog as well and effectively relocated those posts to a new (private) home. Whilst in that rare mood, I revamped my entire blog layout & categories, giving birth to the tiffanykml.com of today. 

A category that would require some explaining would be Goals. 

One day, I thought to myself that my blog shouldn't just be something to document my life - it should be something that could change my life as well. Then on, I decided to set a goal for myself each month and would document my progress in achieving said goal via this blog. That way, I would have the added pressure of the public eye to accomplish the goal which would hopefully help me in achieving them. 

As you join me on my journey in discovering more about life, experiencing college, and making new friends, it is inevitable that you'll come to know me well. If by any chance that isn't enough, you can contact me through my Contact page!

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