McNair Lodge Pool & School Posting

Sunday, November 1, 2009
We have done our own laundry. We have had issues with the bunk bed ladders. We have rediscovered the usage of feet. (No, it’s not just to get you to the TV and the fridge)

And, we have been in.. the McNair Pool.

What was starting out to be a day of photography ended up with a majority of us soaking wet and having to wait our turn for a shower, while leaving wet butt prints on the wooden pool side.

Throughout the two weeks here, many of us have formed bonds over the cramped living quarters, homesickness, and hostel fruits.

Some bonds are uh.. stronger than others..


(Trust me. There’s a very good reason why my face isn’t visible.)

Generally, those of similar nationalities tend to flock together as their rooms are separated by countries. And naturally, roommates have a closer bond. (Think permanent sleepovers.)

I am fortunate enough to be in the only room of mixed nationalities, with a Burmese and a Laotian. Trust me, we’re on our way to turning our Burmese pal into a part Malaysian.

The lahs are getting to her. ;)

Anyways, our adventure in the McNair Pool began with intentions for a photoshoot, and thanks to our tendency to side-track..



And this..

Turned into this..

aaa  joyyyy

Come next Tuesday, most of us ASEAN Scholars will be posted to different hostels, as we head for our separate schools. Some will remain in McNair, whereas others will either head to the East or to the West.

I have been posted to Commonwealth Secondary School and will be shifted to a temporary hostel.

I’m gonna miss McNair, even the ant-infested cempedak tree.

As of now, I’m still a 3R @ heart. :D


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