10 things to do during the school holidays

Sunday, June 20, 2010

1. Try something new. Gain new perspective. This holidays, I went for a trial beginner yoga class, and after an hour and a half of agonizing twisting and a lot of sweating, I have become enlightened with understanding.


Yoga isn’t easy.

Middle aged women of the class, I salute you.

2. Watch a movie in the cinema. Thanks to Nuffnang, I managed to do that for free. I caught Karate Kid’s premiere screening, which got me yearning to learn kung fu. But then again, I always have these phases. After Sherlock Holmes, I wanted to be a detective. After Kung Fu Panda, I wanted to be a panda Kung Fu Master. After School of Rock, I wanted to learn guitar. After Harry Potter, I spent my whole 11 year old year waiting for a letter from Hogwarts.


Nonetheless, Jaden Smith, you are a very incredible boy.

3. Buy and wear a seasonally incorrect shirt. And just for kicks, wear it almost every day till someone points out that it isn’t Halloween.


4. Attend debate practice.


And then, take a strange picture of your debate coach.


After that, pray that he doesn’t do anything against you for posting it up.

5. Meet up with old friends, then find out what you can about Singaporean education and twist that negatively in your head to justify your decision for remaining in Malaysia. and do some catching up.



After all, when’s the best time to meet friends from outside of school than during the school holidays? You can see your school mates when school reopens anyway. =D

6. Eat strangely shaped food.


Because the best time to get diarrhoea is when you don’t have to go to school. =D

7. Go swimming with your pals. Have fun with your autotimer while hoping and praying that your non-waterproof camera doesn’t fall in and get damaged.


Have fun and revel in the fact that the muscle aches as a result of the underwater stunts and games of chicken will not have to be endured in the middle of class.

8. Immerse yourself in a beautiful magical world. And by magical world, I mean Harry Potter and Hogwarts. By immerse, I mean completely and utterly absorb yourself.

Azkaban’s missing in this picture. Heh.

Reread all the books.


And rewatch all the movies. Be amazed at how cute the golden trio were as children and how Hermione always seems to have a look of immense betrayal and pain on all of the movie covers. Have the Harry Potter tune stuck in your head for days and days. Wake up with red eyes from excessive book and movie exposure.

And then wail to anyone who’ll listen when you realize that the movies will never ever live up to the books & that Daniel Radcliffe had weird hair in almost all the movies.

9. Attempt to get in shape. Because isn’t that what everyone promise themselves? When the school holiday starts, I WILL go jogging every day. When the school holiday starts, I WILL start eating healthily.

This plan never seems to work for me, but hey, I thought it deserved a mention anyways based on the fact that it crosses my mind once or twice during the holidays.

10. Meet up with adorable little cousins. Who insist on showing you their ‘rabbit’ face.


Now is that cute.. or is that cute?

25 comments on "10 things to do during the school holidays"
  1. I like your list, Tiffany.

    And I agree that the movies don't live up to the books. And I have a strong feeling that this is gonna be true for the upcoming movies as well.

    And that rabbit face IS cute :)

  2. The story of harry potter is getting darker and darker...the latest movie is a bit like not for kids anymore. So much killings.

  3. wao penis shaped mac & cheese. interesting.

  4. IHSAN KHAIRIR: Ahah, I really really hope not. =/ I mean, they're already splitting the book into two movies.. they shouldddd make it better! but I do think the casting was good tho, esp for rupert grint. Very Ron-ny.

    Kelvin: But then again, the kids that grew up with Harry Potter aren't kids anymore. :)

    ali.ridhwan: Which is why, dear friend, I had to eat it at home. Wasn't good, btw.

    Nina Nurziana: Why, thank you! :)

  5. Yay!! Harry Potter FTW! I like to reread all the books but I don't like to re-watch all the movie. lol. Book is better.

  6. Lindy: YAY! HP fan! :) :) :) Ahaha, the movies.. are some kind of indecision... cause it's all part of loving Harry Potter.. and yet.. there's the disappointment too. AH HOPE HOPE HOPE NEXT MOVIE IS EPICCC>

  7. Booyah! Long time no see~ Enjoying holidays hmm? =D

  8. Carson Heng: I VELI SAD EDIII KAYY. Ahaha, holidays are over, booo. :(

    But I enjoyed them. :)

  9. That small guy looks so freaking funny! OMG!

  10. TOLANIC: Ohh, I think he'll be really glad to hear that. He's such a vain tiny thing. :)

  11. Matt looks amazingly nerdy there :D HAHAHA. Hope he doesn't kill me for this :P

  12. Chia Chien Teng: aha, surprisingly, he didn't kill me for putting it up! :D all he said was.. I saw it. Then.. That's it! Not even a death threat. Whee. :)

  13. lol. Tiffany i dont know you but my word(!) you are a cutie!
    This post was a good read. Made me smile!


    Heh thank you! Glad I could bring a smile to your face. :)

  15. Your blog is very detailed, professional and personal at the same time.
    You have a flair for writing, hope you become an author one day :) I'll buy your books

  16. Anonymous:
    Why thank you! :) heh, that's really nice of you.

  17. nice it awesome! especially that cute little boy out there!

  18. You forgot about fapping

    1. I mean.. If that's what you personally enjoy, I'm sure you can add that to your own list! :)


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