How To: Make Origami Heart

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I like origami very much.

Very much indeed.

There’s just something very satisfying about folding sharp creases and making cool shapes out of paper.


Without any further ado, here’s how to make an origami heart!


1. Get an origami paper and lay it front side down.


2. Fold the paper so it becomes a rectangle. From that, fold it till it becomes a square. As you can tell, I ran out of pink so I’m using some random coral colour.


3. Open it up and you will be left with creases like this.


4. Fold the bottom half to meet the centre crease. Do the same for the top as well.


5. Then, turn it over.


6. Then fold the right side up towards the centre, but leaving the ‘flap’ unfolded.


7. Do the same for the left side till you end up with this.


8. Flip it over.


9. Fold the top part in half like in the picture below. There will be these.. flaps which needs to be folded into a squash fold.


10. Like this.


11. Then, fold the sides of the ‘wings’ inwards. Ahh.. okay this is difficult to explain, just fold according to the picture. Heh.


12. Turn it over.. and TADAH! You got a winged heart!


So, girls, go make them for your boys or your friends. You can glue them on cards of make them stand as decoration.

Boys, make them for your girls and watch them swoon.

Meanwhile, I’m almost out of origami paper. =( And I’m totally and completely out of pink and red. I guess no more hearts for me then. At the moment, I have.. three pieces of green origami paper left.


17 comments on "How To: Make Origami Heart"
  1. cool... one with wings ;)

    there's one that I saw guys in 4A made that has a flower pattern on it. dunno how to describe but I'm sure you know :)

  2. the last time I made that.. it was without the wings.. I guess yours can 'fly' lol.. and it's simple too.. :D yay..

  3. Lean: I see. Hello. :)

    IHSAN KHAIRIR: Ohh, Gerrick? Aha, all I know is that he makes loads of those romantic romantic punya origami. :P

    Shirleen: Ahha, I bet if I tried to fly it it wouldn't go anywhere tho. ;)

  4. AHH!! SIS!! i was just wandering how to make paper origami hearts the other day!! teehee.. :D

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. chloek: Ahaha, yayyy, sisterly connection, I read your mind. ;)

  7. Wow! I got to try this! Thanks a lot Tiffany! I haven't done origami in ages LOL. =)

  8. why the wings.. can i cut it away so it doesnt fly away from me when i got it? =)

  9. Gloson: Ahaha, origami is really fun. :)

    kenwooi: the wings are there so it can fly back to you. :)

  10. Hello! dropping by!:) hehe nice and simple i like :)

  11. Kay: Ahaha, thank you! :) yeah, I find it really easy myself.

  12. OMG I WANT TO TRY :) I make for someone special (not you :P) :D.

  13. Chia Chien Teng: it's okay, got special people make for me edi. :P AHA, make for jo's friend since you're 'jealous', right? ;)

  14. Very beautiful i tried it immediately came out beautifully dear thank you for the wonderful post :) !!!!

  15. Replies
    1. Can you tell me where you got this coral colored origami paper? I'm looking for this color and all I can find is pink and red.



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