How To: Make A Paper Boat (With Pictures)

Thursday, July 8, 2010

In conjunction with the Paper Boat Project* which will be carried out tomorrow, the 9th of June (Which is also the school’s first Green Friday*), I shall be teaching you, my dear readers, how to make a paper boat.

* If these terms are unfamiliar to you, do not fret for I shall bring you enlightenment soon in another post. But here’s a hint:


What you need:
Rectangular paper.
Recommended size: A4.
I highly encourage you to make these boats out of used paper or paper you have no other use for.


1) Firstly, lay the paper flat on the table.

2) Fold the paper in half.


3) Then fold in triangular flaps. Ensure that the openable side is at the bottom.


4) Fold those bottom flaps upwards on each side.


5) That should leave you with something like this.


6) Fold in the flaps over the triangle. First start on one side and fold it over the triangle. Then flip it to the other end and fold it over again. You should be able to see something that looks like this.


7) The triangle must be openable at the bottom.


Press it down and you will get something like this.


8) Then, fold up the flaps on each side till you get a triangle shape.


9) Then, repeat step seven. You should be left with this.


10) Pull open the sides and you have a boat!


It’s very therapeutic. But I think I got a little carried away…


11 comments on "How To: Make A Paper Boat (With Pictures)"
  1. I made about twenty yesterday because bryan thor didn't know how to make one, so i had to help him LOL

  2. Hi Ihsan did Bryan manage to make one after your 20. if not even the reuse papers would have gone waste in his creative hands.

    Hi Tiff, your photo illustration reminds me of my school days when i used to make boats out of least scored exam papers!

  3. i stalk you every single day,stalking you is as easy as making a paper boat.

  4. @ntnprvn yeah he managed to learn how to make one afterwards...

  5. Ooh I see Sri KDU :P

    Anyway, nice blog! Dropping by (:

  6. Who taught you how to make huh uhuh huh!

  7. IHSAN KHAIRIR: Ohh, wow.. you needed to make 20 to teach him? :O

    ntnprvn: Ahaha, I think those were made outta debate notes. :D

    Anonymous: LOLWUTZ.

  8. Calvin: Ahha, yayy, KDU! :D Thanks. :)

    Chia Chien Teng: Ahahaha, I dunno, don't remember. :P

  9. @IHSAN KHAIRIR: Yes, Mr. Ihsan, THANK YOU again for helping me finish those boats...

    @Tiffany Khoo: I managed to make one only after consulting with Boon Seng later...blame my non-attendance of meetings :/

  10. I have tons on used papers at home. You gave me such great idea on how to recycle those. Thanks man.


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