New Year’s Resolutions.

Saturday, December 31, 2011

For some reason, there’s a growing trend of not having resolutions this year. Some nonsense about not needing a new year to be a better person.


Yeah, it’s kiiiiinda true. You don’t NEED a new year to have resolutions but come on!

This year is absolutely perfect for them! Look, this year, the new year begins on a Sunday! That’s the exact first day of the month for the first day of the year.

January 2012 calendar

When better to resolve to resolute?

Sure, the goals don’t always work out and by November, we’re all looking forward to next January to make new resolutions, but at least for January we’re all wonderful individuals?

So, here’s to a January of great people!

Here’s to resolutions! Winking smile

Edit: In hindsight, this was a terrible New Year post! Shall write a better one in the morning! Have a great 2012, everyone!

8 comments on "New Year’s Resolutions."
  1. Happy New Year, Tiffany. Have a blessed 2012 ;)

  2. Happy New Year, Tiff! :D

  3. Eppi New Year Tiffywiffy! And to each their own lah. :p

  4. @Krisna Dwipayana

    Thank you very much, Krisna! Have a wonderful new year!

  5. @Chia Chien Teng

    Same to you Teng Teng! :D

    NO CANNOT MUST FORCE MY OPINIONS DOWN EVERYONE'S THROAT! Haha, okay no no I kid. Yeah, true. :)

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