Prom Prep.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

It takes a loser of epic proportions to sit in front of the laptop an hour before prom starts.. to blog.

I am a loser of epic proportions.


Can I be honest?

Yes, of course I can.

My loser level is even higher than that because not only am I sitting here blogging, I’m sitting here because I’m waiting to put on my dress. Don’t want to sweat in it, see.

But nonetheless, like any other loser out there, I’m super super excited for prom. Tonight marks the last time I’ll be seeing most of my schoolmates. I’m certain there will be talks of ‘EH MUST KEEP IN TOUCH AH’ and the like, but in today’s age where friendships are as fleeting as Kim Kardashian’s marriage, how much trust can we put into that?


That will commence after prom. For my last ever high school event, I spent a ridiculously unnecessary amount of money on equally unnecessary things.

For starters, I got my makeup done at Shu Uemura.



It cost RM100 for the makeup, which till now, causes my heart to bleed and my pocket to feel somewhat empty.

If you aren’t a member, it would otherwise cost RM150. They don’t ask for verification though so try and see if you can get away with it. Smile with tongue out If you do go, however, try to bring your own false eyelashes (if you have the intention of using them) for they would charge you extra for theirs.

As for my hair?

After having already spent quite a considerable amount on caking my face, I was rather reluctant to spend any more on hair. Yes, I’m cheap.

And so, tossing my plan of having a specific hairstyle out the window, I decided to go for a wash and blow for RM45.

BTW HERE’S A TIP: If you’re going to do your hair and makeup, wear a button down shirt as to not mess either of those up when you wanna wear your dress later!

Here’s the interesting part:

The guy who was washing my hair looked young, about twenty. He was continuously smiling and looked pleasant.. and SO! I decided to try my luck and retrieve said plan of specific hairstyle. Tentatively, I asked him..

“When you blow my hair ah.. Can you blow it to the side?”

He looked at me one kind of funny and replied, “What do you mean to the side?”

You see, I was trying to make my (actually very simple hairstyle) sound even more simple and less troublesome than it was. After succeeding in explaining it to him, he said a few words which dealt crushing blows to my heart: “Sorry ah.. If you want like that.. Then it’s RM65.”

“HAH!?” I blurted out. “But but.. all you need are bobby pins!”

“Bobby pins very expensive leh,” he said, smiling at me from the mirror.

After a few pleading looks, he finally said the magical phrase..

“See first.”

Of course, the reason I’m telling this story is not because I got rejected due to my cheap-ness, but because that very nice guy decided to do my hair for RM5! So all I had to do was pay him RM50!

*replace white stuffed animal with kind hairstylist guy*

Dear friends, the story I shared today is a story of human kindness. And as a reminder for me to be kind to people without expecting much in return. Like kindhairstylistguy.

As I depart to go put on my dress, I pray for luck as to not trip in my 4 inch heels and for a strong heart & waterproof makeup as I bid farewell to many.

May this be a wonderful prom!

8 comments on "Prom Prep."
  1. *send some hugs for the kindhairstylistguy*
    *stopped hugging, afraid to be accused as gay*
    *no one looking, hug him again*

    Haha, real good, Tif! You will post about your prom, right? :D

  2. I have a feeling you used the trademark Puss in Boots big eyes pleading look to convince the hairdresser

  3. @Krisna Dwipayana

    Haha you made me laugh, funny boy! Yes, I will of course. :)

  4. @Ihsan Khairir

    Heehee, maybe.. A little bit.. Heh. Heh. Heh.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. @Chia Chien Teng

    Hahaha, thank you Mrs. Chia!! :D I'm very loser-y wan okay I blog at very weird times.

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. @Chia Chien Teng

    Hahha yeah omg TOO supportive edi! <3 haha thank you thank you for the support. :P


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