The taste of freedom.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Chunks of melted milk chocolate in warm freshly baked cookies, delicious udon noodles & crunchy lettuce in a perfectly assembled soft shell crab maki roll, creamy melted cheese over spaghetti, moist chocolate cake, blended iced green tea topped with chewy pearls and sweet red beans, and that irresistibly tangy mee sua at Shilin Street Snacks - that, my friends, is what freedom tastes like.

SPM officially ended for me two days ago but the celebrations started the moment I left the hall after my Literature paper.

As for how I did - I'd like to think I did the best I could especially after the surgery (I'll get to that in another post) and I’m grateful that God was there for me as I was doing the papers. For now, all there's left to do is pray and hope for the best. *fingers, toes, and eyes crossed*

With Zhengs’ birthday around the corner, Celine and I decided to plan a lil surprise for him. Armed with lots of chocolate, 6 eggs, and a packet of butter, I headed over to her place in the middle of nowhere to bake him a chocolate cake.

Ahh, look at that swirling mess of chocolate-y goodness. Yum! Open-mouthed smile 


Whilst Celine and Jo ran around looking for matches (Science lab!) to light the candles, Chien Teng and I served as distractions, chattering away to him noisily and doing such a great job at it as well. I was really impressed with how Chien Teng was yapping away, going on and on about all sorts of things.

“Wow, she’s really good at thinking up random topics to talk about,” I thought to myself.

Until, of course, I realized that she was just as surprised as Zhengs when a cake showed up and everyone burst into song. Turns out she wasn’t distracting him.. she was just talking – a lot. Smile with tongue out


The three of us then headed to Curve where we bummed around and watched Breaking Dawn, which essentially is a very long drawn out overdramatized movie which should have been titled “Life After Marriage” instead.
Although that Seth guy does look somewhat appealing… Smile

Heh. Heh. Heh.


A day before our EST paper, Chien Teng, Jo & I headed to Gardens for lunch and a movie.


We had the most entertaining Japanese lunch thanks to the antics of a particular JoHo, raced to pee as fast as possible to avoid missing even a part of You Are the Apple of My Eye (那些年,我們一起追的女孩), and took pictures with the A-Maze-ing Christmas decorations.


In contrast with Breaking Dawn, You Are The Apple of My Eye (a Taiwanese movie) was brilliant. The movie was in Mandarin with English subtitles (phew!) and managed to induce tears in the three of us. It was funny, it was sweet, but most importantly, it was fresh.

Even if you don’t speak a single word of Mandarin, go give this movie a watch. I definitely definitely recommend it! Although it’s 18PL and uhh.. we aren’t 18.. but.. uh.. AIH who cares about age limits nowadays!

Those weren’t the only movies I’ve been watching though.

Drawn to the Christmas decorations and bubbles floating everywhere, I headed to One Utama for Happy Feet 2 with Celine & some of my favourite boys.


Happy Feet 2 was such an adorable movie with well-sung songs and cute lil’ penguin dances! Enjoyed it loads and for some strange reason, I’m suddenly tempted to get my own pet penguin. Open-mouthed smile

With my 20-year old sister, who looks loads younger than me in this picture.

And then.. I caught ANOTHER movie, this time with Wen Wen and the guys.

photo (1)
Here’s a candid photo of us.. being thoroughly and utterly bored by the boys. Smile with tongue out

We watched Puss in Boots, which was funny & filled to the brim with puns. It was enjoyable & I guarantee that you’d leave the cinema with a smile on your face.

What else has been going on?

Well, had a photoshoot with Chien Teng for my new blog layout (which I should probably start coding soon, bleh) and finally bought my prom dress!


Speaking of prom, the most unexpected thing happened!!




Thank you to whoever nominated me! It truly is such an honour to be one of the nominees & it definitely something a nerd like me never expected. Heh. *floats in a cloud of surprised happiness*

And just because our principal is so cool, here’s a picture of me and her to elevate my cool-ness factor by a slight margin.


This photograph was taken on her Surprise 60th Birthday Party organized by Mr. Zac (duh!). A number of selected students were given the chance to be part of this party and to be given the rare chance to make Mrs. Chan cry through a choreographed flash-mob-like performance with cheesy original lyrics.

Hopefully, those were tears of happiness. Open-mouthed smile


There’s so much left to say especially since I haven’t updated in a long long while but I hope this is enough to satiate you readers.
Till then! Smile

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  1. Your life is interesting!!

  2. oh, nominated eh? congrats! who else is nominated (king, queen, wtv)?

    For girls, there's Sarah Nadira, Aliesha & Pei Shin.
    For boys, there's Andrew Chang, Ee Ken, Bryan Metha & Aiman. :)

  4. HAHAHAHAHA OMG I LOVE THIS POST I LOVE IT. Especially the part about Zhengs and his his his birthday!!!! HAHAHAH OMG MOMGOMOANGIOAIOBFAJ.


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