Time, where art thou?

Friday, December 30, 2011

I have one question.


The year ends tomorrow and I barely feel as though I’ve had any holiday! I’m heading to HELP Academy for A-Levels for their amazingly early intake on 3 January which is coming much too soon! I haven’t had time to bid my farewells to those heading overseas or to sit down and read a book, let alone attempt to write a story!

My losing weight plan will also have to be put on hold for a while whilst my brain attempts to argue with my mouth and stomach. The latter two seem to think that more food is good for me.. whilst my rational mind doesn’t have much of a fighting spirit when it comes to resisting food.


Speaking of food, I recently headed to the much-talked-about Candylicious in One Utama! It really does feel as though you’re in a foreign country in the store. They have practically EVERYTHING sugary!

Makes you spend like you’re overseas too! Smile with tongue out

Gluttony aside, there was a touch of glamour in my life for Prom.

With my mother.

And my sister.

I truly got my high school Prom experience, complete with a corsage and a dance. Unlike the movies however, I danced barefoot & he was much much taller than me. Still, it was such a wonderful experience.

My Cina-man date.

With the flower stolen from the table by Aaron and put into my hair. Oh, yes. There’s Zheng Xi too. Smile with tongue out

And pretty Wen Wen!

Hands down, the best thing about Prom isn’t the food or the dancing or anything else for that matter, but being able to see everyone dressed up! I honestly wish there’s a part of Prom where everyone will have to go on stage and twirl for about two seconds so we all can look at their clothes.

Open-mouthed smile 

OH OH, they should have red carpet stuff too with cameramen so that people can be interviewed as they walk in and talk about their clothes and all the other things those celebrities on red carpets do!

I’m a genius, I know! Winking smile

Unfortunately, despite how wonderfully I danced the Bollywood dance that night (which all the King & Queen nominees had to do), the Prom Queen title deservingly went to Yong Pei Shin, one of the nicest & friendliest people I’ve ever had the fortune to meet!

The nominees! (Aliesha, Tiffany, Sarah, and Pei Shin)

When Prom ended, there was a lapse in activity for a while.. till as usual, Jocelyn barraged into my life and forced me on an outing with her where we took ridiculous photos and ate like cows!


There was Chinese New Year clothes shopping with my mom. Yeah, I know, a little early, huh? But the early bird catches the worm!

Been playing around with my new lens a lot too! Open-mouthed smile 

It’s such fun to play with it and see the pretty bokeh in the background! Smile

To give my holiday a semblance of a holiday, I headed to Bukit Tinggi with some of my family for an overnight trip, filled with lots of pictures and oxygen-infused air! (Which I will blog about in detail later!)



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  1. OMG! First to comment.

  2. @Zheng Xi

    LOL you retard. Thank you tho, funny boy who only comments when you're mentioned in the post!

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  4. Hey,just asking if your sister's name is Nicole.

  5. @Anonymous

    No, it isn't.. Haha, her name is Chloe. Why? Is there a Nicole that looks like her?

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. @Chia Chien Teng

    What!! Yer I didn't get a text from her oso! >:(((

  8. There is..I met her during a piano exam and I thought she was your sister.You don't have any relative with the name Nicole?

  9. She took her grade8 piano exam and her Sir name was Khoo.So I thought she was related to you.Plus,I saw your mom using Ipad while waiting for Nicole to finish.Or have I mistaken anyone?

  10. @Anonymous

    Haha well, did she wish you good luck or smth during the exam? I think you got her name wrong hahhaa but I'm pretty sure you got the correct people, just wrong first name. What's your name? :) does my sister know you personally?

  11. Nope.My name's Joanna :)
    And your sister doesn't know me personally.Just that she played pretty well during her exam.But I didn't manage to congratulate her.

  12. @Anonymous

    Ohh, haha, well I'll pass the message to her. :D I'm sure she'll be very pleased to hear that. :P


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