Universal Studios, Singapore (in just one day!)

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Very long due from my visit there in June, finally, here’s the blogpost on Universal Studios, Singapore.


Customary tourist shot.

With just one day for our visit to Universal Studios, careful planning had to be done prior to the trip. As it was the school holidays, of course we couldn’t just stroll in and expect to be able to cover the whole area!

For days prior to the trip, I would sit at home by the computer, Wikipedia page open and notepad in hand. We voted on which rides we would skip (everything in Far Far Away) and listed the ones we definitely could not miss (Revenge of the Mummy!). At the end of the day, things didn’t go exactly as planned, but we more-or-less covered the entire Universal Studios and with time to spare as well.

In fact, a full day is more than enough to enjoy the whole place. Any longer and it could start to seem boring unless riding rides twice aren’t a problem and shopping for merchandise is your thing.


1. Once you enter, you’ll arrive in Hollywood, which really does look very impressive. The familiarity of certain buildings will jump at you and will call to you “Come… Take a picture with me” but RESIST! There’s always time for pictures later. Heed my advice and head for Ancient Egypt first.

2. There, be sure to ride on Revenge of the Mummy. If you had followed the customary trail of strolling through Hollywood, New York, then Sci-Fi City, the wait for the ride would be about 40 minutes. On the other hand, my family only had to wait for 5 minutes for the ride.

3. Explore Ancient Egypt at your own pace, take pictures with the characters, etc etc. Once you start at Ancient Egypt, everything else is easy. Just make sure the order of the lands you visit isn’t the normal one and it’s all good.

4. Our trail:

Ancient Egypt –> The Lost World –> Far Far Away –> Sci-Fi City –> New York –> Hollywood –> Madagascar –> Hollywood

Successfully avoided too bad of a crowd and pretty much did almost everything we wanted to do.

(EDIT: I completely forgot this but if you’re travelling alone or don’t mind riding with a random stranger, there are Single Rider lines available with much shorter wait times. Thanks, Ihsan Khairir for the tip!)


I felt like a child in a candy store, amazed at every turn. The bright colours and cheery atmosphere made me feel as though I was transported somewhere far far away (hohoho), and that such a magical world couldn’t possible be so close to home..


Even by the entrance, the feeling of being in another world was there as we were greeted in costume.

Palm trees lined the streets of Hollywood with golden stars paving the ground, wooden crates were found in alleys behind New York, fire hydrants had a rustic feel to them, old fashioned lampposts were everywhere, and as the props set the scene, the characters set the mood.

DSC_0590 - Copy
Somewhere in Hollywood!

Popcorn sold by the streets.

A subway station in New York.

Po, the most adorable panda in the world, gleefully smiling at the camera. (not that he could change his expression la teehee)

Marilyn Monroe.

It wasn’t just the sights that were amazing, the sounds were too!

Flirty boy groups took the stage every now and then, singing old hits and making the old women blush with their winks and waggling eyebrows.


The mood was jovial all around as crowds gathered to watch the live performances that would happen randomly every now and then.


When we came by much later, the boys had been replaced by blonde beauties in pink dresses who were equally as flirty, teasing the boys in the crowds.


As we moved from one world to the next, from Hollywood to New York, from New York to Madagascar, the scenes would change accordingly.

A beautiful towering castle awaited us at Far Far Away, hosting the incredible Shrek 4-D show, which I thoroughly enjoyed. No detail was spared in evoking the feelings of fantasy as the lands all had their distinct characteristics, from the tiling on the ground to the music that was playing.



If they could have figured out a way to make the weather feel a little less Singapore-y (read: hot and humid), that would have been helpful. Smile with tongue out


In Ancient Egypt, ab-tastic men walked the streets on stilts..


Jurassic Park was home to a new breed of dinosaur..


And sold survivor gear (raincoats) in vending machines..


In Madagascar, a crate was headed for Kenya..


And at Sci-Fi City, the amazing looping tracks of the duelling roller-coaster gave it all a futuristic feel.


Speaking of Sci-Fi City, Battlestar Galactica was one of the best rollercoasters I have ever been on. I’m a huge fan of twirls and loops and rollercoasters of all kinds and get so rarely shaken by them, but Battlestar Galactica left my knees weak after.


The ride was split into two, with two rollercoasters with intertwining tracks going on simultaneously. One would rush by on a track, whilst the first cart of the second rollercoaster would narrowly miss it. Unfortunately, we didn’t go on for both because we wanted to catch a show at the theatre in New York.

It was definitely one of the best rollercoasters I have been on in a long long long time.

All in all, Universal Studios, Singapore is definitely worth a visit. The price isn’t too bad (but be sure to book early!) and the atmosphere is amazing.


There’s something for everyone, and would leave even the most sullen teenage boy grinning.


So, won’t you give it a visit?


Won’t you?!




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  1. How convenient! We're going in a few weeks :D thanks tiffy!

  2. should have gone on both the battlestar galactica </3

    yes they do! :) thinking of heading there? :)

  4. I want to, but dunno if it's better than the one I went to in Orlando Florida.

    Anyways, since this is a guide, I would suggest the single rider lines if you don't mind riding with random people and don't care about buying the picture they take of you on the ride. Coz it's a faster way of getting to ride on all the rides if you ask me.

    Hahaha it probably isn't of course! Haha oooh yeah I didn't think of that! Thanks - will add that in! :)

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  7. @Chia Chien Teng

    Haha, I dunno I think you said something on FB or Twitter cause I said I only rode on Galactica once. :O

    Heh and thank you about the photos. :D


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