The Concert Dilemma.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

I’ve never bought a concert ticket before. I’ve never felt the inclination to & I’ve always thought they were a huge waste of money for something I could watch online for free anyway. A whole month’s allowance for a few hours of fun doesn’t seem like a really good deal to me.

Yeah, I’m super cheap, I know! Future husband should consider himself lucky, okay?

Nonetheless, thanks to friends in right places, I’ve been to a couple of pretty awesome concerts from Worldstage to Kelly Clarkson to The Click Five.

Super old pic in ‘08 with The Click Five.

And then there was the whole getting David Archuleta to visit Sri KDU for a mini-concert as well.


I haven’t entertained the thought of going for concerts and paying for them seriously till I heard that Avril Lavigne & Simple Plan were coming to Malaysia. When I was 10 or 11, I was a huge fan of both to the extent of memorizing all their lyrics and somewhat tried to emulate the former.

So, that begged the question. To buy or not to buy?

I knew I couldn’t get free tickets to these concerts this time but the tickets at decent places were priced above RM150 for both concerts each! TOO MUCH MONEYYYY.

It wasn’t just about that as well though. A small part of me knows that no matter how much I loved these music acts, I have never really enjoyed concerts. I saw Katy Perry and Tokio Hotel live and hardly batted an eyelash. I think the foreveralone-bookworm-to-the-max part of me prevents me from moshing along with the crowd and enjoying myself to the fullest. Even more so if I have to pay for it.

THEN there’s another part of me which keeps telling me that the reason I didn’t fully enjoy myself at these concerts is because I never really was a big fan, which keeps fuelling me to want to attend more concerts to determine if it really is because I’m not a concert person.. or I’m not a ‘that band’ person.

And on the other hand, THERE WAS THE FEAR!! Oh the fear… The fear of anticipation. I was worried that if I finally did go to a concert I wanted to go to with expectations ceiling high and was disappointed, my love for the band would fizzle out and die and my hope in concerts would perish forever. (This is coming from a person who pays RM13 for a movie ticket and whenever watches something that isn’t quite up to expectations, feels totally cheated.)

At the end of the day however, I didn’t buy the Simple Plan tickets for the concert today. It pretty much all boiled down to the fact that the potential enjoyment didn’t outweigh the pain of the monetary cost.

Then I saw all the happy Simple Plan concert tickets and after bawling my inner self’s eyes out, I am seriously contemplating getting the tickets for Avril Lavigne. After all, do I really want to be buried with a coffin full of money or a lifetime of experiences?


As part of my evaluative process, I’ve thought of a couple of reasons to NOT go to a concert. After rereading this list fifty times, if I still want to go, I will get those tickets.


RM198 for Rock Zone tickets.

You have not fooled us, ticketing company with your deceitful RM2 less! We all know that really means RM200 and you just want us to think that we’re spending RM100-ish on a ticket instead of RM200. But we’re smarter than that!

And RM200 for a few hours is not worth it! I mean, that’s like RM100 per hour!!!!

Regular isn’t much better either at RM100! We’d probably be so far away that we’d end up watching the concert on the screen anyhow. Which is just the same as watching it on TV!


Concerts are a troublesome experience. Braving the jam to get there and enduring the jam to get back home are horrible things to undergo.

Then there’s the whole risk of having a grumpy guard confiscate your camera the moment you point it towards the stage, the worry of being pickpocketed as you jump around, the safety concerns, the parents to convince, yada yada yada. Is this all really worth it for something you can so easily watch online?


This is awful, I really can’t think of any more reasons!!

Why shouldn’t I go to the Avril Lavigne concert? Or should I?

Ah, this dang Libra indecision.


8 comments on "The Concert Dilemma."
  1. I'm quite sure this will be Avril Lavigne's very last show in Malaysia. Even if she decides to come back next time around she'd probably have one too many wrinkles and will be way out of her prime. Nothing pains a guy more than see a female performer age so let your stomach take one for the team and skip a few meals and get that ticket. - fan of a Lavigne's and ofc

  2. Avril Lavinge's concert? No you probably shouldn't.

    On the other hand, if it's Avril Lavigne's concert...

  3. @Guowin

    Awww wow you're a really effective persuader! You make a valid point.. Okay! I am now.. Leaning more heavily towards getting them! Yes! Thank you.

  4. @Tiffany Khoo

    Ah, you didn't get the drift of my comment. I guess you have to be as anal a Nazi as I am to be able to catch it.

  5. @Ihsan Khairir

    Woiiiii!!!!!! What does it mean?? Tell meeee

  6. Maybe I should employ the CAPSLOCK method.

    *wears rotated flipped swastika symbol on forehead*

    Avril LAVINGE concert? Definite nay.

    Avril LAVIGNE concert? ...

    *removes rotated flipped swastika symbol from forehead*



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