A New Year!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

The year that we left behind was undoubtedly paved with plateaus and milestones, both essential in shaping the person we are today. As usual, at this time of the year, most of us look back and reflect upon what has been and what could have been and at times, these thoughts darken our minds and bring along cynicism to the new year.

In a rare moment of serious contemplation (which all but lasted for about three minutes), I concluded that what my father had been telling me my whole life is in fact, a truth.

You can learn something from everything.

Think about it. Every single experience, regardless of how unimportant they may have seemed at that time had a lesson stored in it somehow. Even the simple process of waking up in the morning can become a teacher if we choose to learn from it.

Regarding the adversities we face in life, today in church, we were told a story that would hopefully, set the path for a glimmering shimmery road of perseverance throughout 2012.

Accompanied by my amazing self-made illustrations, sit back, relax with some candy, and listen to the story that goes something like this: 

There was once a girl who always strived to be the absolute best. She worked hard and fought the challenges that came her way, never relenting. But, the strain of pushing against pressure was proving too much for the poor girl. She felt pushed from all directions and all she wanted to do was give up.

Give up, she did.

Her mother, who was accustomed to having a strong courageous daughter was shocked.

“I can’t do it anymore, mom,” the daughter admitted in tears. “The problems are proving too much!”

Without a word, the mother led her daughter to the kitchen. She prepared three pots and filled them with water. In the first pot, she emptied a bag of baby carrots into it. In the second, she placed an egg. And in the third, the mother poured some ground coffee beans into it.

photo 1 (2)

The girl was thinking to herself as her mother fiddled with the stove, bringing the water in the pots to a boil, “Is my mom preparing me a meal to cheer me up?”

For a few minutes, they sat there in silence.

When the water finally boiled, the girl’s mother grabbed three bowls and a spoon. She scooped out some baby carrots and placed them in one bowl. She removed the egg and placed it in another. As for the coffee, she spooned out a little of the aromatic drink into a bowl as well.

“Touch these carrots,” the mother said to the daughter. “Tell me how they feel.”

“They’re soft,” said the girl, wondering what her mother was up to.

“Okay, now crack the shell of this egg and tell me how the inside feels.”

The daughter knew that the egg would be hard boiled but obligated anyway. “It’s hard,” she said.

“Sip the coffee and tell me how it tastes,” her mother then said, smiling slightly.

photo 2 (2)

“It’s delicious,” responded the daughter. “But, what’s the point of all this?”

Inhaling and adopting a Buddha-like zen voice, her mother responded, “The boiling water was the adversity that the carrot, egg, and coffee beans had to face. The carrots, which were initially hard, turned soft under the pressure. The egg, which was once soft and sturdy with a hard shell, turned solid and unrelenting, much like a person whose heart turns cold and hard when they encounter problems.”

She paused dramatically.

“The coffee on the other hand, when forced to face adversity, transformed entirely into something lovely and wonderful,” the mother said.

“That’s what you have to be, my child. Be like coffee. Do not turn cold and cruel when facing problems, and neither do you weaken and give in. Instead, transform into something different, something better.”


When I heard that story, it seemed to speak to me. That’s what I want to do this year. If problems come my way, I refuse to react the way I always have, by hardening my heart and refusing to care. Instead, I choose to become a better person from it. I choose to learn from it and grow from it, and hopefully, transform to be as wonderful as coffee.

(To be honest, I don’t really drink coffee and wanted to change the story to Milo because MAN, Milo is sooo much better but figured sticking to coffee makes the story seem more mature. :P)


On another note, I have been diligently updating Project 365 on my iPhone since the end of September.




Heh, there’s such an excess of camwhore pictures cause I keep forgetting to take pictures in the day so when I remember at night, I just snap a random picture of myself for the sake of this thing! :P


December had me doing a lot more different things after SPM, hence the reduced number of pictures of myself.

I will continue with Project 365 throughout the year because it really is such a great way to look back and see the things I’ve done on days that have passed. Of course, the days with my face on it don’t seem to bring any particular significance but at least I look good in most of them!

So, I’ve been blogging so much for the past few days WHICH MEANS THAT I should be repaid in lots and lots of comments, thank you very much! Whee!


PS: I am reminded that I am a loser, blogging on the first day of the new year. =.=’

19 comments on "A New Year!"
  1. WOW I missed so many posts O_O you post a lot dear! haha I MUST STRIVE TO CATCH UP! But thank u for being my instagram friend! I have decided to pursue life using instagram. Yeah that will be my project 365. Man I never get to finish these BUT GOOD LUCK TO YE!! hehehhe


    What a lovely story! Though at first I thought the mom was about to make carrot cake or carrot omelette flavored coffee at first. Why not utilize the 3 and not just coffee? LOL XD hahaha Sorry being silly me here! XD HAPPY 2012 DEAR!

  2. @tiff k

    Haha, I only started posting a lot recently. It's the enthusiasm that comes with the blog layout, I suppose. :P I suspect that the number of posts will begin to diminish soon tho. Heh.

    And ooh Instagram is loads fun to use! Ahah with Instagram, you'll probably end up with more than one picture a day though cause it's so fun to use the filters!

    HAHA, carrpt omelette coffee sounds super gross omg hahaha! Yeah, she ended up wasting a perfectly good egg and carrots, haha but that's just the way the story was told. :(

    HAPPY 2012 to you too! :D

  3. Oh wow at first I was like meh coffee, carrot and egg what is this children story haha but towards the zen part I realised that it's quite true. :) We often overlook the little stuff in life, and how we react to those stuff. It's true that how we change inwards changes outward reality. I'm quite gungho about making this year a worthy year, so this story is keeping the enthusiasm for it up. :p

    As for your Project 365.. I SEE MYSELF. And that is all that matters. KBAI. HAHA I'm kidding. :p Good job. :) Instagram more! I frequent it very often, being an addict myself. :p

  4. I do not know what should comment haha.,

  5. @djawa

    Haha what! It's okay, thanks for trying. :P

  6. Perhaps you should have used a different shade of brown for your coffee. :P

  7. @Chia Chien Teng

    Normal la, vain pot! :P
    Hahah oh good let us both make this year a wonderful and fulfilling one! And wah you're really doing the whole commenting thing hor! So honored! :')

  8. @Pomellowdramatic

    I thought this was a pretty accurate representation!! The other colours looked like liquid mud. T.T

  9. @Tiffany Khoo
    As in, if the mother added the coffee powder into plain water, shouldn't it be black? :O
    Unless she added it in secret...
    Which would make her a ninja mom...
    In which case the coffee is poisoned and the daughter is going to DIEEE! D:

  10. @Pomellowdramatic

    OMG HAHAHHA I COMPLETELY FORGOT THAT COFFEE IS BLACK! Okay I feel very very very very dumb now. But black liquid is gross.. :/ haha it would look like a pot of sewage.. In which SHE WOULD ALSO DIE!'n

  11. Awwwh. You're right, using Coffee did make it sound more mature. Anyways, nice writingg. ahhhh, how will I ever write like you with such good English? Btw, did you draw all those pictures using a Galaxy Note?

  12. @soohony

    Haha thanks, Hon Wye! Say things out in your head then just write! :P not like I'm very pro oso lor. -.-'

    Hahha and nooo I drew using iPad. Eh my coloring of the carrot nice la right? :P

  13. @tifanykhoo
    Aha, if I did that, no one would understand me. I have a translator in my head to convert Manglish to English. Lolol. ahh, I'm gonna keep up with your blog to have ideas on my next posts :)

    Yeahhh, the carrot looks really nice, the shading and all. but the coffee..... Err.... :p

  14. @soohony

    For starters, you SPELT MY NAME WRONG!! >:(

    Ahaha and sorry la I forgot coffee was black! ==' I think the one my mom always drinks has milk in it and I couldn't find any other colourss!!!

    Okay good good. I shall support your blogging endeavours! :)

  15. Thanks for your comment Tiff! :) I hope you have a good new year too.

    I really love that story and I think everyone can relate in some way. I guess people react differently to different things though, but I believe we learn something from the bad things.

    I don't really drink coffee either! But I am not sure what my favourite drink is... maybe tea. xD So tea leaves, then!

    I started a photoblog a couple of years ago and posted every day. That got really tiring though, but I still persevered. xD

    Happy new year! ^^

  16. @Georgina

    Ahah of course, I think that's right as well! Lessons from EVERYWHERE. :P

    Hahahha ohh tea! So old fashioned! :)

    Ohh wow every day for years?! I can't ever do that cause some days I dont go on my computer.. Only my phone. :P heh. Thanks and you too! :)

  17. @TiffanyKhoo HAHAHA. Sorry Sorry, TifFany. Btw, how do you reply people directly? just add the @?

    Hahhaa, yeah, i drink brown coffee too. Black coffee is too mainstream.

    Woohoo! another follower :D

  18. @soohony

    I use the reply button. :) Okay go on the post page like http://www.tiffanykml.com/2012/01/new-year.html and you see the reply button? Click it and you don't have to type. :)

    Haha I coded it onto my layout for easier replying of comments. :)

    Haha wah hipster ah Hon Wye. Too mainstream ah normal stuff! :P

  19. HEY TIFF!!! :D I like the story haha. Project 365 is coooooooool, like a diary, but with pictures. ;)


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