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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I’m sure almost all of us have passed by these red stalls selling the signature Taiwanese fried chicken, but what surprised me the most was that when I asked my friends, most of them have not tried the mee sua there!

Although famous for their crispy chicken (which is self explanatory, no review needed), my mom and I always return just for the mee sua!

Handmade oyster mee sua - RM6.50 (4.5/5)

It takes a while to get used to the sourness of the mee sua, especially to those who have never tried it before, but once you’ve gotten over the initial shock of sour-ness, it tastes absolutely amazing! Even if you aren’t a fan of oysters (I’m not a fan at all!), this mee sua should appeal to you. The shredded chicken flakes on top are a great accompaniment to the tangy soft noodles, which almost melt in your mouth.

If you aren’t a fan of sour dishes, you probably wouldn’t like this much. However, I do believe that it’s definitely worth a try, so maybe split it with a friend?

Or invite me along! I’d be sure to help you out if you can’t finish it. Winking smile 

The size of the bowl is decent for lunch for those with an average appetite. Bigger eaters may prefer to order the famed crispy chicken as a side.

Another underrated dish at Shilin would be the crepe.

Crispy egg floss crepeRM6 (3.5/5)

The crepe would have gotten a higher rating except for the fact that at the outlet in Ikano, the quality of the crepes aren’t very consistent. There are days where they would be amazingly crispy and savoury, whereas on other days, they would just me.. meh.
Nonetheless, it’s a great dish to share with friends or to eat on your own as a snack. Open-mouthed smile

I’m a huge fan of the food here and would probably return to try the rest of the dishes. The price is decent and they make my tummy happy. :)


Ikano Power Centre
The Curve
1 Utama
Tropicana City Mall
Mid Valley

9 comments on "Shilin Taiwan Street Snacks"
  1. You missed out Mid Valley in the Outlets ;) heehee ^_^

  2. @HengTuanzzz

    Oohh, whoops! I didn't know they had one there. Heh, thanks! :D

  3. I usually go to the one at the Curve... had the the egg floss crepes. 'Twas ok. I like the fact that most items are not so pricey so it doesn't hurt your wallet much when you just wanna try out sth new once in a while.

  4. Me iz gonna try the Mee Sua soonz. Nice pictures !

  5. @soohony

    Lemme know if you like it!! Then we makan together & I give you my oysters! :D

  6. @Tiffany Khoo

    Come la we all go makan there... I belanja... maybe? Heh heh.


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