What on Earth??

Thursday, January 5, 2012

It’s only been 5 days of the new year but yet, so much has changed! Let’s just recap, shall we?

For starters, I went for orientation at HELP University College where I was successfully brainwashed into the A Levels Edexcel board.

Two days later, I got a call from Bank Negara. Along with Celine, I managed to obtain the Bank Negara Pre-U scholarship. What did that mean? From HELP, I would have to switch over to Taylor’s in Subang. I had less than twenty-four hours to accept it (which I did), and had to go for a medical check-up.

Here’s the problem: I couldn’t go for the medical check-up because I had my.. uhm.. little red friend visiting so therefore, my offer is now invalid and I will not be able to register for Taylor’s till my period ends.



Mind you, all this has happened within a time span of five days, so it really is a lot to take in. Bear with me, dear readers.

My emotions aren’t exactly the most stable right now even without these escalating hormones. Just recently, my friend of 8 years, Melvin, who has made constant appearances on this blog in various states of hilarity, just flew off to the UK to further his studies.

Crying faceCrying faceCrying faceCrying faceCrying faceCrying faceCrying faceCrying faceCrying faceCrying faceCrying faceCrying faceCrying faceCrying faceCrying faceCrying face

With Mellypoo!

The farewell entourage.

A whole group of us went to the airport to send him and a few other KDU-ians off to their colleges in UK.

Bye-bye, Gerrick! Sad smile

It was the first time I had ever gone to the airport so say goodbye to someone and it’s the worst thing in the world!!

Absolutely awful!

Imagine.. You’re already kinda sad, knowing that your friend’s about to leave. So, sure. There are farewell dinners and probably long mushy text messages to bid farewell. And then, you make the ridiculous decision to follow them to the airport to say goodbye.


You wait for your turn to be hugged goodbye, you can’t really say what you want to say because everyone else is waiting for their turn too, then when they have to leave, you have to look at them WALK AWAY!

It’s super dramatic, okay! Everything happens in slow motion! But I’m proud to note that no, I did not shed a tear! I was close.. but no, I remained strong and resilient!

I will see my Mellypoo again one day, and we will reunite in those kopitiams. One of us will probably write those ‘I’m so grateful to have great friends’ articles which will get published in The Star at that heart-warming nostalgia section which we will frame up and show our grandchildren.

Yep, sounds like a plan. Open-mouthed smile 

IN ADDITION TO THE EMOTIONAL TRAUMA, the new year has been filled with new experiences as well! My sister & I went on a photoshoot with Ihsan Khairir to raise our level on the vanity scale as well as to test out my new lens!

photo 1 (3)
One of my solo shots.

With my gorgeous sister!

We went to the park at Tugu Negara for the photoshoot (which is absolutely barren of vivid plant life, mind you) and all the pictures were edited on my phone so excuse the quality. I haven’t had the time to sit down on Photoshop and do proper post-processing and my phone just makes it so easy!

I suppose this sufficiently covers the first week of my new year. So, that’s one photoshoot, one almost emotional farewell, two new colleges, and one life changing scholarship.

Too much?

Meh, what can I say? I’m an overachiever. Open-mouthed smile 


And as a reminder to myself, I am to blog about: -

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10 comments on "What on Earth??"
  1. Hey Baby Girl! :)
    You're so cute!
    Congrats Baby! :) So so so proud of you!
    Missing you :)

  2. @AletheaWoo

    Heheh, thank you Ally! :P
    Ahh, man I wish we could have been school mates then we could bond again and all. :( heh. Miss youu, really!

  3. Aha! That's probably the worst thing a period can cause. Okay, maybe not, i haven't had mine yet. Ahahaha, anyways, CONGRATS on getting the scholarship! See you soon in Taylor's Subang :)

  4. eh wait, you don't have a college means you can't go to Taylor's so the Bank Negara scholarship is void?

  5. @soohony

    Ahaha, aiyo poor Hon Wye. Puberty not here yet. ;) Ahaha, thanks! Yeah, lol if my medical thing gets through. :)

  6. @Ihsan Khairir

    Aha, for now it is because I haven't been certified medically fit. But once my period ends and if my medical checkup goes well, then I'll be enrolled into Taylor's. Just later than the other scholars.

  7. Such a weird thing because of period can't attend college for a week. LOLsss... :P There I leave a comment already. aha. :P

  8. @"CreamySnowy" Juliana Juju

    I know right!

    Aha yer why like that, I didn't force you oso! :P aha, thank you for the comment! :) I is happy now.

  9. Hey dear!! WOW PERIOD!! haha IT'S A LIFE CHANGER!! oh gosh haha good luck on that and congrats on the scholarship!

    I know how u feel about friends leaving and u dont know when you'll see them again. It's that hard breaking with my international friends when I went to France. IT REALLY PAINS ME SO :( I was able to experience the scene in movies where u say bye to a person in a train station, and u cry as u helplessly look at the person go away and u wave while u do it. Gosh dramatic scene!

    Can't wait to see more pics!! :)

  10. @tiff k

    Haha thank you, tiff! :) and yes.. Due to that, I'm STILL college less

    Ahh yes you totally get me! Aha it's kinda sad lor. :( its like.. Bye bye.. :( :( :(


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