February Goal – Exercise!

Friday, February 3, 2012

I live on the fourth floor of my lift-less hotel. My classes at Taylor’s are almost always on the highest floor of the yet again, lift-less building. I’m climbing stairs every single day and it’s killing me. I breathe like Darth Vader but 1000x less cooler. I have to force myself to resist the urge to stop every two flights of stairs so the people behind me won’t walk into me.


And thus, the goal for this February is for a little health to come into my life! Yes, that’s right! This means jogs, swims, and early dinners.

I once had a dream whereby my condo was on fire and I got burnt to a crisp because I couldn’t climb down the stairs in time. I don’t ever want that to happen in real life. Therefore, I pledge to do at least two physical activities a week, stairs not included.

May the pain begin!

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