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Sunday, February 19, 2012

In a flurry of interviews, debates, parties, and classes, the past week screamed one phrase loud and clear - you're in college now.

For starters, those running for student council positions have been actively campaigning for votes -infiltrating Malaysian Studies classes, hanging up huge posters in school, and giving out badges amongst other things. 


And surprise, surprise, about 4 of the candidates running were Sri KDU students! :P

Those who weren't interested in student council positions who had their sights set on committee positions in other clubs weren't free from the hullabaloo either. I attended an interview for a position in a charity club and in the one hour that I was there, was questioned repeatedly about my passion, my qualifications, and my maturity. (The latter of which I may need some help with :P)

In highschool, elections for committee positions aren't as complicated. A teacher picks you out if there aren't volunteers, a "democratic" voting system follows, a few minutes later, lo and behold, you're the new president of a club!

The system here is a little more cumbersome. You start with a written application followed by an interview session, and then, depending on the club, get called back to deliver a speech to the masses, who then finally vote for their new leaders.

It isn't just this change though that's a reminder that we're no longer in high school. Despite only having four core subjects to tackle, the workload isn't exactly very light. We have tests every week which contribute to our forecast results, as well as daily homework.

Still, good teachers attempt to bring some fun into the class..


Learning about projectile motion! Open-mouthed smile

On Friday, there was CALebration, a party for the new Taylor's students as well as the last chance for the student council candidates to garner support via performances.

Despite the new environment and masses of unknown people, it felt like a KDU event with the ex-students on stage and familiar faces at every corner.

Jing Yi & Pei Shin!

By the time the clock struck 11, the music was loud, the lights were flashing, and all thought of this being a high school event flew out the window. The dancing was absolutely insane that at various points throughout the night, the ground shook due to the sheer amount of jumping moshing people.

photo 5 (6)

The more bold ones leaped off stage and crowd surfed their way out (I'm adding that to my bucket list) whilst even the most tame found themselves jumping along.

But to be honest, I found the whole jumping in a crowd thing kinda ridiculous and the whole while I was thinking to myself, "This counts as a physical activity, keep jumping!"

What can I say? I had my February goal in mind! :P

At the end of the day, I gravitate to the familiar. In the midst of all of this, I've been involved in debate training for National Novice at UiTM next Thursday. (Will I be seeing any of you there?) We are absolutely unprepared but we have our fingers crossed, so here's to hoping for the best!

As for now, juggling college life hasn't been easy and there have been some absolutely de-freaking-pressing days, but the new friends make it a lot more bearable.

photo 4 (7)

Even if they're asleep most of the time. :P

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  1. HAHAHA college life is definitely very different from high school. More action, more drama. :)

    1. Haha for now it just seems like more work and more boredom!


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