January Goal – learning to cook!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

So, how many of you skeptics expected me to fail my January goal?

Putting up these goals on my blog really feels like such a positive way to use my blog because when I actually had people coming up to me and asking me how my cooking was going, I knew that there was an audience, albeit how small, that wanted me to succeed and that was such a motivation on its own.

Cooking is something that comes so easy to some, but more difficult to others. Unfortunately, I’m in the latter group. Maybe it’s laziness or maybe it’s how easy it has gotten to buy food or get someone else to make it for me but over the past few years of my life, the biggest cooking I’ve done on a regular basis was sporadic baking sessions and whatever I could do with a microwave.

(And trust me, you can do a LOT with a microwave. I’ve cooked eggs, made mini-pizzas, and cooked pasta - all in a microwave!)

As embarrassing as this sounds, I have to start off this post by listing out what I didn’t know how to do. I didn’t know how to turn on the gas, I couldn’t use an oven on my own, and I didn’t know how to cook rice. It’s not that I was incapable – I just didn’t bother. I took it for granted.

I always looked up to people who would cook dinner for their family, or whip up their own meals like it was nothing. I was so dependent on my mother and my maid that when I actually sat down and thought about how I was to survive somewhere where I had to cook on my own, I started to worry. I didn’t want to have to go overseas then start to panic when all I had to eat was cup noodles.

And so, I gave myself a goal and so far, I think I’m doing a pretty good job considering where I started out.


I figured out how to make maggi mee without a microwave.


I even learnt how to make sushi, all from scratch! I now know how to cook rice, season it, and roll them into those delicious bits of Japanese goodness.


I even figured out how to fry an egg! Uh.. excuse the missing bitten-off parts of the bread. I blame my stomach entirely.


I finally know how to make my eggs with that amazing runny yolk! :D

And at the end of the month, I made dinner for my family.

I cooked the rice, chopped up chicken and spinach, tossed a whole bunch of frozen peas & corn & God knows what else into it, sprinkled it with some cheese, and made a casserole.

Before baking.

To my ultimate satisfaction, not a single soul complained of an upset tummy or any other symptoms of food poisoning. Of course, I have a long way to go and so much more to learn. I said I would learn four dishes, but I am barely there.

However, it’s a learning process and I for one, am a willing student. Living in a hostel now is making it a lot harder to continue to learn how to cook but with the right dosage of motivation and enough encouragement from you readers, I hope that one day, cooking will come naturally.

Till then, wish me the best and encourage each other. If I can do it, you definitely can.

8 comments on "January Goal – learning to cook!"
  1. Replies
    1. ... Youre either asking for some shrimp fried rice..



    2. ahaha just imitating the waiter at my favorite Chinese place when I was in the US :)

    3. Hahah typical Chinese stereotype roles! :P

  2. I know how you feel about using microwave to cook ALL kind of things..and that joy when you found out what amazing food you can cook with it.

    *silent reader walks away*

    1. Hahah yes yes! It makes wanting to learn how to cook a little tougher cause I kept thinking that all I needed was a microwave! :P

      And nooo. Haha, welcome to the comments, may you wish to return again. :D


    Man I was exactly the same as you, I hated cooking because of the humid weather here and I can't stand frying things and sweating at the same for fear of a sweat dropping in the frying pan or boiling soup or something. Good thing when I went to France and was forced to cook on my own, did I try and actually ENJOYED COOKING. My friends enjoyed my chicken parmigiana and then I was on the search then for my cooking skills. I need to improve and cook more now that I've returned to humidity once more.

    I've tried baking too and it went well! Now all I need is more patience and more creativity! Let's do this! I envy my friends who have the natural talent though. But as Gusteau in Ratatouille says, ANYONE CAN COOK :)

    1. Haha, aww thanks, Tiff! I thought the picture looked awful but thanks so much for the support!

      Ahh, getting comments like these makes me feel so encouraged! Haha, waahh, chicken parmigiana sounds so fancy! in the event that I head to Phillipines one day, be sure to cook some for me. ;)

      And I totally get what you mean about the sweating and the humidity! I feel the exact same way! It's so uncomfortable! Haha, however, we must persevere! We shall be the nothings that became somethings! :D

      Good luck in your cooking endeavours!


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