Shut The Smoke Up

Wednesday, February 22, 2012
I haven't had a ranty post in a while but seriously, this deserves one. Okay, you can obviously tell from the title that this has to do with smokers. Before anyone flames me for being judgmental, etc etc, I do not think people who smoke are necessarily bad people. I mean, you could be super chivalrous & philanthropic by donating to a lot of charities as well as be a smoker, and there are obviously people who do not smoke but are awful human beings so that isn't the point.


1. You wanna kill yourself, then that's up to you, but don't go around killing other people and blowing in people's faces. It doesn't matter that you smoke to relieve stress or that it's the only thing that makes you feel better.. Whatever la! If my idea of relieving stress is spitting on people's faces, it doesn't mean I should get to do it right?!

2. Smokers smell horrible. The smell of smoke is super super awful. This isn't even like smelly sweaty people who spray a lot of deodorant and still come out smelling like wet towels (cause they can't help it) but people who smoke can obviously decide not to!

Alright fine, what about the event whereby they're super addicted and without cigarettes they'll have a fit of seizures? THEN SMOKE SOMEWHERE ELSE LAH. And it isn't just about the smoking at that point of time, it's the smell that comes after! It's such a suffocating noxious smell and maybe the smoker themselves are alright with it, but other people aren't, and when we have to accommodate to your bad habit, then that's super unfair right?

Analogy: A kleptomaniac has this insane desire to steal. So we should just let him take our things because otherwise, he'll be super agiated and affected? NO, people send them to see psychiatrists or put them in jail!

And yes, it's almost the same thing because on one hand, it's the stealing of belongings and on the other hand, it's the theft of precious air and possible years of a life!

Okay back to the reason I'm blogging about this - I read something somewhere from a smoker who seems to think that people who have problems with smokers should mind their own business.

Now let's make this clear.

It becomes my business when you're affecting my lungs.

You want to make it your business, then you make it ENTIRELY your business! You go smoke in a solitary room, shower with scented soap before you leave said room, and then proceed to spray yourself with cologne and then maybe we can talk about us minding our own business.

If I say something to you about quitting smoking, then it's cause I'm genuinely concerned. If I have no idea who you are, I do encourage you to quit because it's not only bad for you and bad for the people around you, but if you don't, then fine. Just don't smoke in public places.

In fact, don't smell of smoke in public places.

- Smoking cigarettes kills brain cells within the first puff
- Your children may become retarded because you smoke
- Cancer is not fun

PS: Give me one good reason that I can't refute as to why one should be sympathetic to the plight of smokers and I may just eat my words. Till then, keep the cigarettes if you want me to stop complaining. After all, it's not like the air around here it super fresh anyway. Don't ruin it any further.

PPS: I know absolutely lovely people who also happen to smoke who are my friends/relatives. They know my problems with it and they actively try to make speaking to them as pleasurable as possible.
7 comments on "Shut The Smoke Up"
  1. I love the person that advise u to spray them with aerosol! Good job! (THIS IS NOT SARCASTIC. I hate public smokers (word?) too) :)

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  3. So dam well said >.< I hate public smokers... -.- esp when they dont care if they're blowing smoke into other people's faces >.< I once saw a dad who smokes close to 2 packs of cigarettes with his 4-6 year old daughter sitting beside him at Starbucks... I was soo close to hitting that guy -.- way to start killing ur own daughter....

    1. Ugh that's so horrible! the kid doesn't even have a chance.. Worse part? The kid would probably become used to the smell, see it as natural, and start smoking as well. Leading a cycle of suicide. :(

  4. I've seen dads smoking whilst holding their babies. That should be constituted as child abuse.

    1. Sad laaaa. Baby lungs are so fragile too. :(


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