February Goal – Exercising?

Friday, March 2, 2012

I believe that positivity is absolutely crucial for the advancement and growth of a person. I also believe that when one sets a goal, they should try their best to complete it.

In that sense, I have both succeeded and failed. I kept my positivity.. But I failed my goal.

In February, I set a goal for myself to do at least two physical activities a week, not including the regular things I normally do. Through jogs and adventures around Subang, I discovered something amazing – that my brown face was capable of turning red.

photo 1 (1)

I was pretty much diligent for the first two weeks & found it easier to go up the stairs without getting as tired. Unfortunately, debate training and club recruitments got in the way.. and my already meagre physical activities dwindled to zero.

I was a dormant rat once again.

BUT FRET NOT FOR I SHALL NOT GIVE UP! Just like my January goal, I am to carry on this goal throughout the year and hopefully turn it into a habit rather than a chore.

Be patient with me.

I’m trying. Smile

5 comments on "February Goal – Exercising?"
  1. You can do this!!

    1. Thank you! Your encouragement gives me hope! :D

  2. Your friend, chien teng had stopped blogging already? D;

    1. Hahaha, for now, her laziness has taken over but she says that she'll be back. Haha and she says hi. :P

  3. Follow the tips on my blog! Hardcore jog. Heh :D YOU CAN DO THIS, BLUEBIE!


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