Ringing bells & sinking cities.

Friday, April 20, 2012


Being in Venice felt like a whole new adventure - a shopping adventure, to be precise! We headed there via water taxi, and with the sun in our eyes and wind in our hair, I remember thinking that I was so incredibly lucky to have a chance to be there..




Till the wind just about froze me to death and like the horrible wimp I am, I fled inside to a considerably warmer, but less exciting view.


Every rainy season, about 60 centimetres to 1 metre of Venice is covered with water. It's a beautiful city, but a city that is said to be slowly sinking. Let's hope it doesn't become the next Atlantis. D:

Out of all the cities I've been to in Italy, Venice was probably the most unique. Gondolas float on the canals between buildings, beautiful elaborate masks hang in stalls by the sidewalk, and Murano glass necklaces are sold at every corner.




Our local guide in Venice was a very dramatic woman, who would emphasize every word she said (which is pretty much counter-productive to the emphasis).


In Venice, the famous bridge is the Bridge of Sighs.

See that teeny tiny bridge across the river?

Many couples sit on the gondolas asking to go under the bridge, thinking that it's romantic. But as my guide so clearly enunciated, "Zere is nuh-thing romanthik ahbout zis bridge. Nuh-thing!"

The Bridge of Sighs is connected to a prison - the famous prison in the story of Casanova's escape - and instead of deriving its name from the sighs of lovers, it actually got its name from the prisoners who would sigh as they crossed the bridge to be imprisoned.

Nuh-thing romanthik, see?

By the way, just a note. I honestly don't know why modelling agencies bother looking at other countries for models. They should just come to Italy because EVERYONE IS INSANELY BEAUTIFUL & GOOD-LOOKING OMG.

All they would have to do is close their eyes and randomly point at an Italian person and boom, that person could immediately be a model. The only unattractive people in Italy are all the tourists! At every restaurant, there is at least two super cute waiters, I kid you not.

Look! Random guy lounging around looking like a model!

Random salesperson who looks like Chace Crawford! Can't really tell from this pic though but he really does!

Look! This one can be Hollywood actor, right?!

This was our guide for the Murano glass factory, where we watched some guy turn some blob of goo into a beautiful glass horse.. In under two minutes!




Having watched The Tourist where Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp hopped around on random speedboats with Venice as their backdrop, I can assuredly say that it really is as beautiful on screen as it is in real life. The latter probably a little more.


They have this magnificent-looking clock tower with two figures that move every hour to ring the bell. And omg the sound of the ringing bell is so glorious and full and magical and belvxoqbxowb! It's the type of ring that I doubt will ever get annoying because it's so beautiful!


The tourists teeming around the clock tower, waiting for it to ring its lovely sound.

And here are other interesting bits & pieces of Venice!





Hahah, I find this accidental picture very funny!



Alas, our time in Venice wasn't long, but it left magical memories of beautiful sounds, sunny skies, fancy masks, colourful glass, and of course, handsome Italians. Winking smile

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