Verona, Italy.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou, oh Romeo?

Famed for the tragedy of two star-crossed lovers, Verona is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Italy. The story of the two lovers wasn't first regaled by Shakespeare, but has in fact, been around for ages. However, only the wordsmith's version became popular.

For the uninitiated, Romeo & Juliet is the story of two young lovers caught in between the feud that has been going on for ages between their two families. And uh.. Lol spoiler alert! Due to their families opposing their relationship, they ended up taking their own lives in the most ridiculous way. Actually, the story is quite lame lor, but then again, I haven't read the original text so am probably a very unqualified judge. West Side Story is pretty much based on Romeo & Juliet so if you've seen the former then you get the picture.


According to our local guide, the families in the story were real and so was their rivalry. The details are slightly questionable here (because I got somewhat distracted by super fashionable Italians) but after the story became popular, the "Cappello" family a.k.a Juliet's family bought a house to be open to the public (??) and uh.. Well, that's where we went!

The famous balcony.

Italians have many superstitions, and grabbing the right boob of Juliet's statue will apparently bring you luck in love. Naturally, a whole bunch of us tourists all flocked to fondle her very firm golden breast.



What seems to be another popular (and absolutely disgusting) thing to do at Juliet's abode is to stick gum on the walls by the entrance of her house then write the name of you & your lover/crush/dog.

The insane crowd wanting to see Juliet's house.


The gum shown here had solidified and I presume teens and tourists just pile on more gum once the bottom layer has hardened.



Besides her house, Verona is famed for many other things. Amongst them, the Arena, where gladiators fought to their deaths. The Arena is like a much smaller version of the colloseum but still impressive nonetheless.



Despite the cold, we took the opportunity to try some Italian gelato as well! £2.50 for a double scoop!


Tiramisu & coffee flavoured.

Kinda regretted my choice of flavours but it was still really good anyway. Super super smooth!

Verona is a beautiful city (town? district?), so beautiful that even Hollywood stars are willing to fork out millions of euros to live in some place that's teeming with tourists.





Gigantic monster dog-beasts!!

And the most beautiful part of Verona?












ME! Open-mouthed smile

Anything special about the buildings by the Arena? Yeap, that's where Leonardo di Caprio lives whenever he's in Italy. He bought that for roughly 4 million euros, says our guide. Angelina & Brad were willing to fork out a lot more for their place though. They paid 21 million euros for a house in Verona!

Ahhh, one day when I make it big as an actress/blogger/lawyer/ruler-of-universe/whatever, at least I know who my neighbors will be. ;)


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