When in Rome, do as the Romans do!

Sunday, May 6, 2012


The locals believe that if you throw one coin into the Trevi Fountain, you'll someday return to Rome; two coins & you'll marry an Italian; three coins & off you go to get divorced. But before you single ladies start preparing your coins in pairs, our Roman guide says you must take note that all Italian men... Are mamma's boys.

With that in mind, I tossed one coin into the fountain & crossed my fingers in hopes that I really do get to return to the capital of Italy again.


Of all the places I've been to in Italy, Rome was my absolute favourite! Ever since the Lizzie McGuire movie, who hasn't dreamed of coming here?

On the day we were there, the skies were so incredibly blue it was as though someone had turned up the saturation in my eyes.


Our first stop in this glorious city was an Autogrill station, which is basically Italy's version of a roadside stop.


Heh heh, fonzies..

My beautiful mother! :D

The things they sold in Rome was supersized like crazy! Take a look at the Nutella they sell!

Compare it with my lens cap.. Surprised smile

AND LOOK AT THE HOLY COW GIGANTIC PASTA! Each shell pasta is slightly bigger than my lens cap! D:

Gigantic Nutella, gigantic pasta. What's next? Giant cars?

Ah, but no. Their smart cars are tiny.. Very tiny.

When we actually arrived at the city, it was like being in a gigantic museum. Every corner held something historical or monumental.


The Spanish steps, which is the widest & longest staircase in all of Europe. The steps in Pavilion is said to be modeled after these.




The famous Colloseum, where hundreds of gladiators battled to their deaths years ago.

Our guide explaining how the mechanism of the Colloseum allowed spectators to stay safe despite the murderous beasts pitted against the gladiators below.




One of the town squares in Rome was home to hundreds of artists who gathered there to paint and sell their works of art. This was Piazza Navina.



ANDDD, it was home to the best dang banana ice-cream in the worlddd!


Not that I've had banana ice-cream anywhere else..

Don't panic, folks. I'm holding my mom's pistachio ice-cream, not nomming both. (Although in hindsight, I wish I did) :P

We took the chance to leave Italy and head to Vatican City, the smallest state housing the largest church in the world!




Equipped with a headset and a ticket, we entered the Vatican Museum. The museum is so vast it is said to take 2 complete weeks to view the whole place. Surprised smile


The corridors are filled with ancient tapestries and paintings centuries old.


It was amazing. Even those with no appreciation for art would be impressed.


The picture above is in fact, paintings on the ceiling, not plaster as what it may seem. 3D PAINTINGS. I stared at it like crazy and it still looked as though it was 3-dimensional. I could only tell that it was painted when looking at certain places where the paint had been damaged or faded.

Actually, I can't remember whether this was mosaic or paintings or plaster or gold or what, but decorating a wall is already so difficult, what more a ceiling. D:

In the pope's formerly private courtyard.

TULIPS!! Open-mouthed smile 


This lion came directly from Egypt as a gift to the Vatican.

The highlight of the Vatican City was being able to enter the Sistine Chapel, where Michaelangelo's masterpiece covers its walls. Move over, Leonardo. Michaelangelo is officially my favourite. :P

And I totally stole this from A Walk To Remember except that I did it by myself. T.T Can't embed the clip, but you can watch the scene HERE.

One foot in Italy, another in the Vatican City.


Ah, isn't it clear that Rome wasn't built in a day?







Okay, okay, gonna stop with the Roman idioms now. Heh. :D

On a more serious note, I firmly believe that everyone should pay a visit to Italy at least once in their lives. At least, grant your eyes the opportunity to experience the beauty that is Michaelangelo's artwork in the Sistine Chapel, and give yourself the chance to climb the widest & longest staircase in Europe. If you could only go to one place in Italy, head to Rome. :)

Much love,

2 comments on "When in Rome, do as the Romans do!"
  1. YOU ARE FULFILLING MY TRAVEL BLOG DREAMS TIFF!! OMG! haha I wasn't able to put up any of my traveling posts and man Rome was indeed one of my favorites! I am jealous of you though because you got extremely great weather. I traveled there on the last week of October so the skies weren't that blue and warm. HAHA TREVI FOUNTAIN!! When I went there there was this old guy who actually had a metal detector and trying to get the coins! It was soo funny! XD And ginormous Nutella can be found all over Europe I think. They do love their chocolates :3


    And yeah... Europeans LOVE small cars despite their size. It boggles me a lot. BOGGLES ME. I guess their family size is smaller, but still!

    If you loved the Vatican (it is AMAZING! OMG SISTINE CHAPEL HOLY COW), you'd love THE LOUVRE AND VERSAILLES! Have you been to France? OMG it is AMAZING!! Much like ze Vatican!

    haha have I told you about my story of getting lost there? LOL mORE PIICSS!!

    1. Ahh, I completely forgot to reply this so sorry!! Why couldn't you post them? :(

      HAHA, wow that's probably where all the coins go. :P Random people just go grab em. That would have been a sight to witness. Haha I feel really lucky I got to go in spring so everything is super beautiful and blue and wheeee. :)

      Still, a lot of them prefer walking. Although its so bloody cold. D: My guide was appalled at the Romans! "The romans are so lazy.. they like to use cars". Us Malaysians (who drive EVERYWHERE) were like .. heh heh. :P

      And yeah, I've been to France. Gorgeous! Haha but I prefer Italy. :P And no you haven't! Story time!!


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