Signed, sealed, delivered!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

In the most recent of recent news, I have successfully set the index finger of my right hand on fire – yes, you heard me right! – while trying to light a candle. Unfortunately, not only did it set ablaze and fall off, the remaining stump proceeded to deform abnormally after cheapskate attempts of regrowing it with fertilizer and now - I have a strange blackened tip of a finger in place of my once beautiful index.

But I’ll live. Smile


If time permits, my recent travels to Australia for the Asia-Pacific Model United Nations Conference will be WELL AND TRULY documented here, complete with glorious pictures of me dressed up as the purple Michelin man, whilst my friends donned fashionable trenchcoats in formal colours of deep blue and/or black.

But hey, the food was glorious..


McDonalds was sinful..


And golden gaytimes all around!


Reality back in Malaysia had an equally sweet taste with eight glorious slices of crepe cake courtesy of Melvin’s mother, all of which ended up in the deep dark depths of my belly where they will continue to stay, fertilize, and proceed to impregnate me with food babies the size of six month foetuses. 




But hey, let’s just say I’m a very happy pregnant mother.

4 comments on "Signed, sealed, delivered!"
  1. And I am fasting as I conveniently stumble upon your post tiff.

    Note to self: Bloghop at night.

    1. SORRY!! But I posted it last night? Heh? Before the fasting starteeed. >.<

      Happy Ramadhan, Mr Ihsan! :D

    2. Haha no need to be sorry! Just playing with you...

      Been fasting for Ramadhan since I was 5 so I'm used to it :)

      BTW these pictures are amazing. As usual. The DOF... Are you using a prime lens?


    3. Oh wow I thought most people start fasting when they're older, about 7. :O Haha, you are way way too kind to me regarding my photography. The cakes are with the prime, but the savory food was with my kit. :)


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