This post is to show you huge prawns.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

You would think that impending exams would be more than enough reason for me to up and leave this blog, but instead, I find myself more tempted to sit down and turn on my laptop.. which, I might add, it an extremely sleek thin light beautiful machine which I am overjoyed to have bought.


Yes, I am the proud owner of a new 13” Samsung Series 9 Ultrabook and have been very very happy with it. For months I had been putting off buying a new laptop for various reasons and when I eventually did decide that I would definitely prefer one that ran Windows, thus begun the long journey of frequent review sites visits.

Some had poor battery life, others were missing an SD card slot, and some were just.. really ugly. I knew I definitely wanted something thin and light (to contrast me T.T) and am very pleased with myself (heehee) for having eventually deciding on this one.


The objective of this post (as my title so clearly stated) is to show you, dear readers, gigantic prawns. These aren’t prawns of normal calibre, no. Whatever mental visualization you have of large prawns will most certainly lose out to these ridiculously ginormous ones..

Ladies and gentlemen…

Feast your eyes on…



No, it isn’t a lobster. It’s a freshwater prawn - an exceedingly large freshwater prawn, which Papa Khoo decided would be very suitable as a fake Olympic torch and which we took multiple pictures with. 

photo 3

It’s blue prawn-y spindly limbs.

We haven’t eaten the mother of all prawns yet though, but instead spent the first day of Raya indulging in its babies.

Which were also considerably very large.

photo 1

photo 4

This extremely brief post will now be ended abruptly with a picture of some baked eggs I made for breakfast this morning!


Extremely easy to make and very delicious too! But then again, I made it so I would say that. Smile with tongue out 

Anyway, if you’re interested in making your own, all you need is an oven-proof dish, some meat, tomato puree, tomatoes (I used cherry tomatoes) and of course, eggs. Put everything in the dish, crack the egg (or eggs!) over it and put ‘em in the oven for about 13 minutes at 200°C. You can play around with the temperature and time because I did it that way and my eggs came out runny (which I love!) which isn’t for everyone!


Selamat Hari Raya!!

2 comments on "This post is to show you huge prawns."
  1. How much do prawns like these cost?

    1. I actually really don't know, heh. My dad got these as presents!


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