My 18th Birthday Wishlist

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Birthday wishlists are lots of fun,
They let me ask for what I want,
And although these wishes may not come true,
At least for a moment, I could pretend they would.

LET’S CUT TO THE CHASE, SHALL WE? And in no particular order..

1. A fixed iPhone!


I’m not even asking for the new iPhone! All I want is my current one to be fixed. I’ve been surviving with the top button on my iPhone stuck and inactive while my home button slowly slips into decline like the knee of an old woman with osteoporosis. Thank God for the assistive touch / floating nipple thing that still lets me turn off my phone.


2. Lots of cards!


I love cards, cards are great! This makes me sound absolutely pathetic but I have no shame in admitting that I love rereading my birthday cards and letters and can probably quote a few of my favourite birthday cards. Because THAT’s how much of a life I have.

3. Profile picture!

On my birthday, I feel like I deserve to be a little more self-obsessed than usual and thus, would love it if I could be in my friends’ profile pictures. Hahah, syok sendiri to the max lah but I think every now and then, narcissism can be forgiven. Open-mouthed smile 

4. Famous Amos cookies

I’m just listing things off the top of my head but these cookies have earned the highly coveted position on this list. When I say cookies, I am specifically referring to the chocolate chip ones WITHOUT nuts! And grocery store ones in boxes aren’t the same!

We all know the good ones are the freshly baked ones at the stall! *sighs in bliss*

5. Photos printed

If only someone could sort out the photographs in my hard drive and get them printed and then somehow manage to decorate the space opposite my bed with my favourite photographs, which said person would somehow already know. ALSO, this would have to be done in such a way as to accommodate new photographs without making them look cluttered.



6. Socks!

I am actually rather surprised as to how badly I want cute socks. But none of those toe socks - those freak me out.

I just recently bought myself a pair of super fluffy socks to wear to sleep and they bring me such a large amount of joy, it’s ridiculous! But then again, walking on clouds can have that effect on people. :P


Ooh, ideally, these socks should have either cute puppies or pandas on it, a Snitch at the side, or cute colourful stripes! Ankle socks, preferably.

7. Fit flops.

Overpriced and not exactly the classiest thing on the market, but they have such comfortable soles! Actually, no. I don’t want fit flops that badly because somehow, I feel that if we wear flip flops too much, the strap between our toe and other baby toes will widen the gap and one day we’ll start walking with our toes outstretched to the side.. Which probably looks as unappealing as it sounds. BUT, if Fit Flop releases shoes that aren’t flip flops (which it probably won’t) but with those comfy soles.. then YES!

8. Camera bag

More specifically, pretty camera bags. I’m not talking those black bulky Nikon ones.. Let’s look along the lines of Kelly Moore. But a million times cheaper.

Fullscreen capture 1192012 105357 PM.bmp

Padded and equipped with pockets!

9. Testpad!

You have no idea how happy I’d be to receive good quality testpads. Yes, I am that annoying classmate that goes around asking for paper, but that’s because I keep forgetting to buy them! In fact, I love it so much that for my IELTS speaking test, when they asked me what the best present I had ever given someone was, I answered ‘Notepad”… and ended up describing notepaper for two whole minutes.

“Umm.. The sheets were lined and the cover was hard. Because it was made of cardboard.”


10. Gift vouchers / Gift cards

Getting gift vouchers are like being gifted shopping sprees! Except with limits.. and expiry dates.. =/

I don’t actually have time to read nowadays (boohoo Sad smile) but I DO have time to drink coffee (heehee) so got my eyes set on a Starbucks gift card!

11. Hugs!

I love hugs! (From people I know, of course..)


I would love my birthday to be a wonderful day of hugs whereby my friends would all grant me the privilege of a nice warm embrace. Open-mouthed smile Especially if those hugs include the slight dance whereby both hugging parties are moving together in unison and kind of rotate in a circle..


That may not have come out right..

But hugs galore!

12. Pandas!


For the past 2 years, I’ve had three separate people make very solemn promises to kidnap a panda for me. Up till now, I have yet to see any progress on said plan. Naturally, I can’t reveal the identities of these people in fear that their plans get foiled and I will see no panda for the 3rd consecutive year. Sad smile


My hopes are high and my optimism shan’t dwindle. Open-mouthed smile I shall patiently wait for my panda bear. Smile 

13. Pandora charm

A little birdy told me (or I may have found out on my own) that I will be getting a Pandora charm bracelet this year, so a charm for the bracelet would be very much appreciated!

14. Chocolate brownies!

I love brownies, especially fudgy gooey ones. But then again, who doesn’t? If you’re the part of the strange few who shy away from brownies… then shame on you for not loving something that brings so much happiness to the community at large.

15. Lens filter.


A lens filter would be highly appreciated! I’ve been relying on the old filter from my old SLR camera (notice how there isn’t a d) for my current one and although I haven’t actually had an occasion to take out the film camera, it would be reassuring to know that the lens had a filter if the need arises.

16. No smoking!

Probably not even the slightest realm of possibility but hey, a wishlist is a wishlist and a truly amazing birthday would be a day whereby not a single wisp or HINT of smoke gets blown my way, or in the way of any person I know and love. In fact, I shall be charitable on this wonderful day and extend my wish to everyone! Unless you like smoke in your face… and just so happen to aspire to have lung cancer... then by all means, reject my wish!

Go ahead!


17. Water tumbler

Once upon a time (read: a few months ago), I used to have a rather nice Tupperware water bottle, and in a blur of carelessness not uncommon for the likes of myself, I misplaced it and it was never seen again.

Due to my inability to drink water from a bottle like a normal human being without spilling water all over myself, I would probably need one of those with a mouthpiece. Like for sippy cups!


I lost one of the top right ones. With those mouthpieces! Sad smile It’s a sad sorrowful tale.

And those strange white plastic things do NOT constitute as a mouth piece.

18. Happiness.

I don’t just want my happiness, I want everyone’s happiness on my birthday! Ahh, it would be such a wonderful day if everyone were happy.. If things that went wrong didn’t bring people down.. If sad things didn’t matter!


So, that’s 18 things on my wishlist for my 18th birthday! Come 26th September, I know most of these wishes probably won’t come true, but at the very least, may 18 years of life come complete with 18 years of wisdom and 18 years of joy.


4 comments on "My 18th Birthday Wishlist"
  1. You have the weirdest wishlist I've ever seen. Testpad? LOL. I'll get you that :p Btw, is that Panda hat yours? Cos I have one exactly like it!

    1. I disagree with that statement! In fact, I think I've seen some pretty weird wishlists... Have you ever seen Super Sweet 16? Now THOSE people wish for some pretty whack stuff. :P Hahah, and yes it is! From China! Andddd, I really would appreciate testpad! Really! :D

  2. your feet. so damn tiny. like a new born's.


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