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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Irrelevant picture of me and my pretend bangs.

This post is out of the norm for two reasons but before I share them, it’s important to get something across.

It isn’t often that I blog about my day - not because blogging about days are necessarily bad, but plainly because I find it near impossible to find enough interesting things to fill a whole post on a non-event day.

And so, this post is out of the norm because not only did I manage to find an interesting enough day, it happens to be one I am going to blog about. Prepare your eyes for The Series of Unfortunate Events, ladies and gentlemen, because really, that’s how these 24 hours have been.


After Thursday’s Chemistry paper, I headed back to my hostel to be greeted by scaffoldings in various stages of rust blocking the entrance. Okay. Manageable. Duck a little, and I was through. But that was before a disgusting shower of moss tainted water fell all over me. ==’ Turns out that they’ve been doing some cleaning and at the top of the scaffolding stood a man with a high-powered jet hose spraying at the green-tinged walls with a vengeance.. of which disgusting excess moss and bug-infested water blessed me with their gross presence. 

Eeeek, gag, choke.

Barely hours later, sweaty and disgruntled from Physics equations and a nap that took much too long, I heard words every Subang-ite (or at least the ones staying where I am) dread.

“There’s no water.”


It was terrible! Everyone in my unit (6 of us) had yet to shower. But, in times of crisis, creativity has no choice but to step up a notch.

One of my housemates decided to fill a bucket with water from the kitchen, drag it to the toilet, and with the help of her friend who was staying over, kept having it refilled till her shower was complete. Both of them had their shower that way which was fine and dandy and definitely a viable option for the rest of us -  till we realized that even the kitchen water was out too!


Another roommate called a friend and got him to drive over to send her to a friend’s place for a shower. After a temporary bout of optimism whereby Flo and I decided not to do anything but hope for the water to come back, we decided to be reasonable and walked over to another block for a shower at a friend’s place.

“But I’ll be walking back with pyjamas, Flo! They don’t even match omg how!”
“Please la, it’s dark, and plus, it’s not like anyone will be walking around it’s already so late”

We met two people on the walk back.


Another housemate who got back late didn’t have friends living nearby and went to nearby convenience stores to stock up on mineral water… To shower with.

The rest of the night passed by uneventfully besides attempts to brush my teeth with drinking water and pee without being able to flush, but thankfully, it was shortlived cause Hallelujah the water came back by the next morning!

The day after, the moment I left the classroom and finished my Physics paper, it was officially the end of my AS examinations! I walked with a lightness in my chest and a smile on my face, knowing that despite how my papers have been for the past two months, at least for this day, I wouldn’t have to end the night buried in books.

A few of us classmates decided to head to IKEA for some meatballs and just as I was about to head up to my hostel to change my clothes, the most FML thing happened..

I sprained my ankle.

photo 4 (1)
Yes, I’m using my wallet to support my foot. I’m pretty sure this is taboo in some continent but desperate times call for desperate measures.

Picture this. I was walking with a spring in my step, optimism high, plans of going jogging in the afternoon at the back of my mind, for once wasn’t distracted by my phone or surroundings in the slightest, took a step, stumbled, yelped in pain, only to discover I had mis-stepped into a pothole. I didn’t even fall to the ground, it was legitimately a STUMBLE by the side of the road. T.T

And Flo and I stood there laughing for about two minutes at the ridiculousness of the situation before I hopped pathetically to the corner and whimpered-laughed for another few minutes.

Like the true friend I know him to be, I called Zhengs in my time of anguish once my laughter had subdued and he came over, laughed at me, teased me, patted me on the back, refused to hug me, then left me. –.-

The rest of the day was saved by IKEA meatballs and Perks of Being a Wallflower which has managed to make it onto my list of favourite movies! I loved every bit of it, from how the plot slowly unravels to the sheer cuteness of Logan Lerman and adorable although somewhat strange American accent attempted by Emma Watson. Watch it, go go go, it was so good! I went in without a clue as to what the movie was about and was very glad I didn’t. I read the book after the movie and it was mediocre for me, possibly because I knew how it went from the movie already. It is rare that I prefer movies over their novel counterparts but I guess PoBaW was an exception.

photo 1 (5)

photo 2 (3)
Isaac attempting to make his take-away meatballs look a little more attractive for Instagram.

Just when I thought my day was looking up, I hobbled up the stairs to my room.. and saw this.

photo 1 (4)

My whole room was covered in newspaper thanks to this amazing hole in my ceiling, and I was banished to the sofa, where I lay for days after, accompanied by copious amounts of television programmes and foot massages by my loving grandmother.

photo 2 (4)
The amazing hole in my ceiling.

So, maybe in hindsight my 24 hours aren’t Lemony Snicket worthy, but when I head to college tomorrow with a limp and piles of A2 work to catch up with, don’t be surprised when you’re greeted by the second episode of Tiffany’s Series of Unfortunate Events.

Maybe I was meant to be Tiffany Foo, and we all know what my blog name would have stood for instead. ==’

It’s a wrap?

Saturday, November 10, 2012

You are fortunate that you’re reading this online rather than having to strain your eyes on words I would otherwise have penned onto paper had typing not been invented. I assure you, the thrill of reading a private personal diary would pale in comparison to the anguish your eyes would be subjected to.

Yes, my handwriting is hideous. And I’m extremely messy.

But, hey!

A month of exams down..


Another to go.

The thing about such long drawn out exams is that life still goes on in between every paper.

Unsurprisingly, there has been plenty of camwhoring in my favourite purple sweater..


And not to mention, multiple birthday celebrations!

There was a surprise for a friend..


My very own fantastic 18th..


Sissypoo’s cheesecake-filled 21st..


As well as my grandmother’s 71st..


In the midst of all those celebrations, I saw my baby brother looking dapper in a suit..


Got caught on camera in atrocious footwear..



DSC_0368 - Copy

And made many many many paper flowers for an event.


Some days are productive, some days aren’t.. But I’m feeling happy so that’s good enough! Open-mouthed smile 

Till after my exams, my physically attractive readers! (Cause everyone needs to hear a shallow compliment every now and then!)

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