It’s a wrap?

Saturday, November 10, 2012

You are fortunate that you’re reading this online rather than having to strain your eyes on words I would otherwise have penned onto paper had typing not been invented. I assure you, the thrill of reading a private personal diary would pale in comparison to the anguish your eyes would be subjected to.

Yes, my handwriting is hideous. And I’m extremely messy.

But, hey!

A month of exams down..


Another to go.

The thing about such long drawn out exams is that life still goes on in between every paper.

Unsurprisingly, there has been plenty of camwhoring in my favourite purple sweater..


And not to mention, multiple birthday celebrations!

There was a surprise for a friend..


My very own fantastic 18th..


Sissypoo’s cheesecake-filled 21st..


As well as my grandmother’s 71st..


In the midst of all those celebrations, I saw my baby brother looking dapper in a suit..


Got caught on camera in atrocious footwear..



DSC_0368 - Copy

And made many many many paper flowers for an event.


Some days are productive, some days aren’t.. But I’m feeling happy so that’s good enough! Open-mouthed smile 

Till after my exams, my physically attractive readers! (Cause everyone needs to hear a shallow compliment every now and then!)

3 comments on "It’s a wrap?"
  1. I love your paper flowers! How do you make them? :D

    1. Ohh it isn't difficult at all! :) i found this helpful.. although they do look like cabbage if you use green paper. :p here you go!


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