Wave goodbye to straight hair.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

I’ve done many stupid things in my life, most of which I can look back and laugh at. This is probably due to my enthusiasm for experiences and.. general lack of balance. However, one thing I’ve refrained from doing throughout my life due a strict adherence to school rules and fear of poor consequences is subject my hair to chemicals, shampoo excluded.

Call it peer pressure or just attribute it to teenage behaviour, but recently, I decided to get my hair permed!

Hence, my title! (wahaha, so punny, I know.)

Photo Nov 28, 5 11 50 PM

When not as messy, I have very straight hair that requires overnight braids to give it even a semblance of curl, and even then, will straighten out by midday.



So in a bid to add a little twist in my life..

I got my hair trimmed..

Photo Nov 28, 5 12 19 PM

Sat in an uncomfortable chair for about 3 hours..

Photo Nov 28, 5 12 55 PM



But.. I have a confession to make.

Which brings us back to stupidity.

After my hair-altering adventure, I returned home and decided to bake chocolate cupcakes!

Photo Nov 28, 9 09 33 PM

Photo Nov 28, 9 30 13 PM

Photo Nov 28, 9 42 00 PM

Photo Nov 28, 9 42 24 PM

Photo Nov 29, 1 12 33 AM

Being in the kitchen (no sexism, thanks!) left me sweaty and uncomfortable and right after I was done, I hopped into the shower, sang a little tune, washed my hair, felt chemicals stream out of it, and finally.. finally remembered that I had just gotten my hair done.

So, in an act of stupidity that could rival even those with double digit IQs, I washed out my perm within 2 hours.


Photo Nov 30, 12 27 12 PM

For now, it still looks pretty much like this so savour the back of my head for as long as you can, for my 6-month perm looks like it’d last another 3 weeks at best. *sheepish smile*

3 comments on "Wave goodbye to straight hair."
  1. Hahah you silly girl. Sounds like smth I would do too heh. At least it still looks wavy and all. anyhoo, can't wait to see you!

    1. Heehee yours is the other way around tho! Haha you got it straight, I got it curled!

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