2013 - A Year of Change

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

I find the first day of the year the best day to reflect. Although I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned once before that I’m unable to focus long enough for a proper contemplative reflection, I feel that New Year’s day manages to be a clean enough slate to give optimism for those desolate from the year before, whilst just recent enough to keep the incidences of the previous year fresh for recollection.

This year, I shook up my resolutions a bit. Rather than list things to do (because I have Goals for that!), I decided to have values and principles as goals instead.

Without further ado, I resolve to:

  1. Walk in love
  2. Walk in health
  3. Walk in order
  4. Walk in focus
  5. Walk in punctuality
  6. Walk in humility
  7. Walk in gratitude
  8. Walk with God

And by walk in order I don’t mean walk in a straight line or anything.. I meant something along the lines of being neater (cleaner?) but some how “walking in neatness” doesn’t sound that great. Smile with tongue out 

With these new resolutions in mind, I look back upon 2012 with so much happiness for the lessons I have learnt, people I have met, and places I have been.

When it comes to travelling, it really feels like I went all out this year! I went to Europe, Australia, Asia, and even some places in Malaysia!

I had a wonderful time in Italy with my mother just as spring began, with beautiful gondolas in Venice, cobbled streets, and old buildings. The best part of it all was making amazing memories with my mother, which just further reminded me of how I lucky I have to have such a strong and amazing person for a mom, who’s able to light up a room with laughter, or scare me outta my pants when angry. :P


I left for Australia a few months later for AMUNC, a Model United Nations conference in the land down under which brought me closer to an amazing group of people who left a bright mark in my college experience.


I got to meet a couple of old friends too all the way over there! Open-mouthed smile 

It’s okay, Cheryl! You probably don’t read my blog anymore so your face being up here should be fine! If you do.. HEH SORRY! I look the crappiest here so it’s fine anyway!

And as for China, the trip was the first family trip we’ve had in over two years, I think! The best part was probably being able to bond with my brother and sister! Open-mouthed smile 


My brother has changed so much from the last time we were in China two years ago, when the boy who now towers over me even when I am in heels was just slightly taller and very much chubbier. :P


Closer to home, I headed to Genting by bus with an old group of friends for a day trip that filled me with so much happiness for the friends far away that still remain close at heart.


Between all these adventures in other places, 2012 kindly gifted me a group of great friends who bring me joy everyday, some faces appearing all over my blog posts throughout the year, others waving from behind the camera – all of who have done something to make my 2012 that much better.








And although some of our brilliant memories weren’t captured in the best possible way..


I am so grateful for the year and for the chance to document it, either with my phone or my cameras, or this blog itself.

2012 marked the year I entered college and moved out for the beginning half of the year.


It marked the year I pricked myself to make a plushie for a present.



It marked the year I turned 18 in the best possible way..


It marked the year I learned to cherish certain friendships, and was forced to say goodbye to others.


It marked the year I became an international blogger for UCAS.


It marked the year before complete change.

2013 will be filled with so many surprises I don’t even know which to watch for first.

University offers and choices, results and the end of A-Levels, my sister heading overseas, ME heading overseas, the beginning of my degree, the end of my teenage years.. All of them bring uncertainty and I’m 100% sure that there will be difficulties as well.

I learned a lot of things in 2012.. I just hope that when 2013 kicks off with full steam, the lessons I learned will guide me in my decisions for the coming year.

Thank you, 2012. You have been so kind to me.


You better watch your back, because I’m coming for you!

After.. I have my New Year’s dinner.



Mmmmm… foooood.

2 comments on "2013 - A Year of Change"
  1. "..And by walk in order I don’t mean walk in a straight line or anything."

    Oh the irony! Seems you foresaw your bump on the head Tiffany :P

    1. Stalking me ah? :P
      Hahahha, hindsight is a funny thing. :P


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