February Goal!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

With January being a new year with new resolutions, I chose to do away with goals for the month to become accustomed to our survival of the ‘apocalypse’. But with February looming near, rather than panic and worry about my goal later on, I’ve decided to list it down early and get started on it the moment the clock strikes midnight on February Fools!

In tandem with one of my 2013’s resolutions (walk in order!), in February, I resolve to be much neater. Rather than have my books scattered the way they normally are, I will resolve to clean my room at least once a week with photographic evidence, ladies and gentlemen. And if I fail to meet my goal, a punishment of a dinner of vegetables (ugh!) for three nights in a row will have to be imposed.

I am practically shuddering at the prospect so hopefully, that will suffice as motivation!

And with shame to spur me into action (and for dramatic effect), here’s a b/w of my study table right now.


Ahh, where do I even begin? Crying faceCrying faceCrying faceCrying faceCrying faceCrying face

4 comments on "February Goal!"
  1. I wish I had a work table as looong as yours. :\

    1. You should get one! :D Haha, except mine's so messy I can hardly make use of it. >.<

  2. Nooooo Tiff if you stop eating good food(meat) the Travel and Food section will be forever be gone seeing that you already can't travel without endangering yourself already!

    1. AHAHA so offensive la omg. And, I have successfully been injury-free this whole year, thank you very much! :P


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