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Saturday, January 5, 2013
It’s actually pretty sad how outings have become so repetitive that people would rather stay home and watch TV than hang out with their friends. As a kid, I wasn’t allowed on outings to the point that I would relish every single one I went to, but even now I must admit that the typical lunch + movie deal lacks lustre.
With that, I resolved to spend my holidays with friends differently this time around without being too extravagant and my-oh-my did I find some amazing things to do in Malaysia. In no particular order….

5. Play Mini Golf!

Yes, surprise surprise, there is mini golf in Malaysia and it’s closer than you think, KL-ites! Cheap too!

Mini Putt recently opened at Citta Mall and during special lunch hours or on one of their promotion times, a game shouldn’t cost you more than your average movie at the cinema. Definitely worth it for a different experience!

And very fun too!


A trickier hole.


Expect to find more little kids than grown-ups though Smile with tongue out

Whilst Wen Wen and I had lots of fun.. we caught Melvin taking a snooze at the corner so maybe it isn’t for everyone. >.<


But if you’re interested, head over to Citta Mall and you’ll find this place a floor above Chawan. Smile

4. Go On A Day Trip To Genting!

For those with more time to spare, take a day trip to Genting Highlands! It’s a lot cheaper than you think if you go there by bus and cable car via GoGenting from One Utama.
For only RM58 per person, you’ve settled your trip there and back, PLUS your outdoor theme park ticket.
It takes approximately an hour to go from One Utama to Genting and unless you’re afraid of heights, you’d love the cable car ride up and down Genting which gave us a great bird’s eye view of the greenery around.
They call it a gondola.


I would recommend buying your own junk food and water beforehand though because although they have plenty of umm.. Seven Seven stores around (LOL!), everything’s ridiculously overpriced.
Let’s just say a bottle of water is about RM2.50.
Most of my friends came without a jacket because they assumed Genting was hit badly by global warming and isn’t as cold as it used to be.. Well, they were wrong. Because it definitely was cold!
To those wondering, we headed up at 10am and came back down at 7pm. Be sure to line up early for the cable car back down so you won’t miss the bus, bring along some bus-ride entertainment, stock up on snacks, bring along a jacket and some money, and be ready to have great fun with your friends.

Because I definitely did! Open-mouthed smile

3. Visit BurgerLab!

Or any other novelty dining place, for that matter.
On one hand, there will always be those gearing to go to ‘trendy’ food places which are all-the-rage at that point of time, and on the other end of the spectrum, there will be those who avoid ‘overrated’ eateries for the same reason. If you’re part of the latter group, which I’ve been for a while, give it a shot because it really is a different experience.
While you’re at it, might as well do it properly. Line up early, like a good kiasu Malaysian, before the stores even open!


Try not to talk about the people lining up behind you in hushed voices because APPARENTLY EVERYONE WILL HEAR YOU and you will be an embarrassment and then your friend and brother will shun you and you will be forced to stand far away in shame as the people who you talked about look at you uncertainly.
That may have come from experience.
BurgerLab was a delight to experience!

Being in such a crowded restaurant where strangers ask to share your table and lines so long even exceeding the entrance of the door is really something else in Malaysia. For a country that does all we can to avoid lining up, we sure enjoy going to places which we know will definitely have lines! Smile with tongue out

But then again, a place that wants to hire an evil genius must be pretty special..


#1 applicant for evil genius.

Their Christmas tree!
Rather than review their burgers in detail, I really suggest you head there yourself. Don’t set your expectations too high (because nothing tastes good with overly elevated expectations) and just try to enjoy not only the juicy burgers, but the entire BurgerLab experience, with its friendly staff, friendly customers, and jovial atmosphere!


I took horrible pictures of the food (too hungry? heh?) but this was A Beautiful Mess while this..


Is a double stack.. I think.
If you’re worried about bringing your parents or grandparents to BurgerLab, as long as you can wait out the line, it isn’t just teenagers!


Heehee, cute old man. Open-mouthed smile

2. Make a sock plushie!

For those who want to stay at home yet want something different to do rather than wasting away at Korean Dramas for hours on end, try making a sock plushie!
All you need is a sewing kit..


A sock.. The fluffier the better..

(ew, please ignore all hair on the sock.. I think I shed.)

And some time and patience.

If you’re like me, you’d probably want a band-aid ready as well. =/
Of course, you’d need stuffing. I used cotton and some bits of facial tissue paper (which I do not recommend because it gets clumpy) and had lots of fun making it with Florence.
You can be as creative as possible and if talented enough, join two socks together to make a bigger plushie!





Sewing the weird-looking heart..

And ta-dah!

The best part about this is that you can be as creative as possible with buttons and ribbons and sewing, and it makes a nice personalized gift!

1. Go bowling!

Most people would rather play pool and foosball rather than bowling. Maybe it’s because it’s more troublesome due to the socks? Or maybe because they don’t know how to bowl and it feels like a longer game?
Whatever the reason, bowling is something fun to do with friends regardless of the level of expertise.

Ooooo, gutter?

Isaac, the bowling monster!
Still, even if you’re awful at it, don’t lose hope because by some miraculous miracle, Zheng Xi managed to FIGURE OUT how to bowl in the last few rounds to come out from second to last… to second place overall.

Look at ZX’s first 3 rounds! –.-
I am honestly a terrible bowler (is that what they’re called?) and do not know how to play consistently. But according to my friends, it is apparently the only thing I do gracefully.

I actually don’t see how the way I bowl is funny in any way possible but at least it’s better than drunkenly attacking the aisle. Smile with tongue out

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