Burger Junkyard, The Strand.

Friday, April 5, 2013


In a bizarre plot twist, Valentine's Day was spent with the sister's boyfriend's siblings. Rather than have her alone this V-Day (months ago, I know) with her boyfriend in the States, both families decided to go out with each other…?

To further enhance the mood of romance, we decided to have drippy, slobbery, messy, juicy burgers at Burger Junkyard, which lies semi-hidden at a cornerstore along a row of shophouses at The Strand.

This was before its popularity hit the roof and now it's practically impossible to get burgers without getting stuck in a line.

Note the little details like graffiti-style walls and crates as chairs for the whole 'junkyard' feel.


And how is that junkyard experience complete without your very own table rat?

The younger Khoos and Hongs!

Coincidentally matching!

As usual, my sister and I grabbed two burgers to share because we're just too indecisive to have one on our own. I mean, why have one burger when you can have (little bits) of two??

My burger of choice was The Brooklyn Burger!

Salivate, dear friends as you make a choice of either Char Broiled Brine Cured Whole Chicken Leg OR Beef Patty accompanied by Steamed Aged Cheddar, Turkey Ham, Beef Bacon, Grilled Pineapple, Fried Egg, Garden Greens & Homemade Aioli.

Their steamed cheese is a specialty of their burgers and rather than have a slice of cheese messily assembled with the burger, you have a gooey mess of steamed cheese, melted to perfection! Chehhh. Haha, exaggerations aside, I loved this burger. It was huge and flavourful and saucy and having been to BurgerLab, I can safely say that Burger Junkyard can hold its own.

And get a load of that juicy, sweet pineapple! Who knew Spongebob's house would taste so good in a burger?

Feast your eyes on that hugeeee burger! (Compared against my unattractive face)


No joke, okay! En Leang took the picture above and literally laughed aloud and told me "Ahaa, no this is not your angle!" I mean, couldn't you be a little more subtle? :P

But I concede, so here's a much more glam picture to mask the above one.


Ahh, the power of good angling. Winking smile 


Here's my sister's Texas Hold Me Burger with a Chargrilled Beef Patty, Steamed Aged Cheddar, Fried Onion Rings & Homemade BBQ Aioli. And if like me, you have no idea what Aioli is, it's actually just a fancy name for sauce. More specifically..

Aioli is a Proven├žal traditional sauce made of garlic, olive oil, lemon juice, and egg yolks.

Well, my sister preferred this burger loads more than the Brooklyn Burger but I personally thought it wasn't particularly special. I mean, it was good for a burger but against the likes of all the new burger joints popping up like mushrooms under rain, you gotta step up your game!

We didn't try the rest but doesn't mean you shouldn't! Head there early because I heard that they run out of burgers pretty quickly, especially for dinner!


I clearly haven't tried enough burgers of theirs but I'd definitely pay another visit for the rest, even if they didn't give out free desserts to their Valentine's Day customers. (which they did)



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