February and March Goals!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

I’ve left my blog in such a sad state that as a first time reader, I would probably have not wanted to return had I only read my latest post.

A thousand words? And a whole bunch of pictures?

Funny ah? –.-

Actually, come to think of it, I was a lot funnier years back so if you really want some good ol’ fashioned-this-girl-is-so-strangely-entertaining-despite-not-having-any-coherent-flow-in-her-posts type of posts, then dig through the archives because those.. yeah, those were prettty awesome.

ANYHOW, before I resume being interesting, I need to get my February & March goals out of the way!

If you remember, in conjunction with my 2013 resolutions, I decided to be more orderly and neat, beginning with my study table.


It was… embarassingly bad.


In my (extremely poor) defense, I was always shuffling back and forth between Subang and KL that I stopped trying to clear my table and just focused on not leaving anything behind… which resulted in accumulating mess.

Over the month of February, I took time out to clear and sort through my papers and my bags, resulting in a much… much neater table!


Whilst it isn’t perfectly neat nor completely tidy, my notes are all in sorted files and I can actually tell you what each drawer holds and where to find pencils!


A gif to show an even more impressive comparison.

Because it is quite an achievement, if I do say so myself!


And if you do know me in real life please don’t show this blog post to your parents lest they find out how disgustingly disgusting I can be.

For March, I decided to go on a greens challenge! Most children grow out of their ‘hating vegetables’ stage once hitting puberty but my aversion to vegetables never did leave. Of course, mentally, I knew how important they were and I’d duly take a cursory scoop of vegetables with my mixed rice, but with every plate of fried rice or noodles, I’d push the veggies to the side like a little girl and refuse to eat it.

So, March was really a challenge for me and although this may sound really easy to most of you, I actually didn’t complete my goal of having vegetables every day. D:

I tried though. I really did, which resulted in a considerably higher fibre intake and ultimately, less distaste for vegetables so.. yay?


I even added tomatoes to my Subway sandwiches!

And yes, I ended my month long blog hiatus with a blog post on vegetables and messy tables. –.-


2 comments on "February and March Goals!"
  1. what do you usually put on your subway?

    1. I love this question! Haha, I have a very specific simple Subway sandwich..
      Wheat with lettuce, extra extra extra olives, one cucumber slice, and ranch & BBQ sauce. ^^V


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