Things I Hate #1

Monday, April 8, 2013

For some strange reason, people seem to think I don't dislike things. It's like, if I say "oooh, I love chocolate brownies" then there will be people who'll say "Tiff, you love everything." Then they proceed to disregard the things I say I love which is really unfair to chocolate brownies because I really do love them above the rest! Same goes for people as well. Sometimes I feel very fond of a person and then I tell them I love them and then they ungratefully tell me that I love everyone and it doesn't count!

Wah, if they don't want me to love them then just say so! Hmph! And if I find you and fifty other people lovable, is that a problem?!? Why does that cheapen my love!! T_T

But for the record, it's not true! l don't love everyone and everything and like every other human being I get super pissy over things too. It's just that when people say, "Like what?", I can't think of any because I'm in such a good mood at that time! Which is why I've decided to compile a series of things I hate as I experience them because if anyone tries to make my love seem unspecial again, I can just direct them to my blog and say that they're the special folk who do NOT belong in the things/situations I hate list. And thus, should feel honored to be deserving of my love.

First on the list just happened and has definitely got to be when I go to the bathroom.. Take a nice long shower.. Then find out I forgot to bring a towel in.


Rage to the max! It's like my whole wonderful shower experience has been ruined by my forgetfulness. So then I'm left with few options. I could either just force my wet self into my clothes, getting everything else wet in the process, or I could just stand there for a period of time shaking my limbs about attempting to dry myself.. Like a dog.

Sometimes it's not too bad and the towel is hanging just outside the door. If I'm alone then I can just do this half scuffle-shiver-hop to the cupboard and take a towel but it's so abso-freaking-lutely infuriating when I find out that there aren't any towels in my closet.

GAHHH. Then comes the stressful part where I have to make the decision to either wipe myself with my disgusting clothes I wore before I took the shower or if desperate (and cold), then find some pajamas dress from my cupboard I can use as a pathetic towel.

OR OR I end up sticking my head out my door and yelling at whoever's around to bring me a towel. And sometimes my family members can hear me but when I keep yelling they keep saying "Wait lah," not understanding the dire need I have for a warm towel! DOES NOBODY CARE IF I GET PNEUMONIA?

So.. Yeah. I get kinda angry at myself for a bit, angry at my maid for not replenishing my towel supply, and then angry at my family for not responding to my urgent plea of help. Then the towel comes and all is forgotten.

But still. UGH. Hate! Anger! RAGE!

5 comments on "Things I Hate #1"
  1. Y'know when I saw the title as "Things" I hate, I expected more than just 1!

    1. Well! Hence it was necessary to put the #1 there! Don't worry, I will keep on hating things to add!

  2. you know you can't get pneumonia just like that right? LOL

    1. UGH DON'T GET ALL MEDICAL WITH ME GURRRL. Hahaha, okay lah that's a relief. :P Actually how does one get pneumonia? Okay, I go google lololol.

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