A Walking Disaster

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Because A2 clearly isn’t difficult enough on its own, I had to amp up the toughness by being extra clumsy and on the week of my first paper, fell, hit my head, and lost my memory.

photo (9)
(In case no one believes me!)


Okay, so maybe I’m being a little abrupt and dramatic so let’s start from the top, shall we?

It began just like any other day. I woke up at around 10, decided to get some work done and finished one of those pesky past year papers by about 11am which was faster than my usual speed. 

Considering how it was still morning and I was relatively productive, I decided I deserved a little break. (HAHA.)

You see, I have a pathetic internet connection with a wifi signal that I share a very complicated relationship with. We have our good days and our bad, but this was a bad day so I went to the living room to get a better signal. I scrolled through my phone.. watched videos… played games… refreshed Twitter and Instagram about 30 times.. The usual..

By 12ish, I figured I should get back to work. I stood up and…


The next thing I knew, I was sitting on my bed, bawling my eyes out like a baby with a pingpong ball sized bump on the back of my head and zero recollection as to how it all happened.

As a kid, I used to pretend to have amnesia to scare my brother a little every time he hit me too hard when we were playing but to actually be in a state where I could not remember things was definitely not something to joke about.

My memory’s a little hazy from here on, but my grandma walked into my room to see me crying on the phone (I don’t remember calling anyone!) and mumbling general things about my head hurting, which it really really did! I remember asking to speak to my sister (who had gone to the USA to study just a week before) and feeling really confused when I was told she went overseas.

At the back of my mind, I had a vague feeling that I had exams but I had no idea if I had taken them already. I was panicking because I didn’t know why I couldn’t remember that my sister wasn’t in Malaysia.. I remembered that Jocelyn would know all these sort of things and whilst crying, I called her and got her to fill me in a little. Thankfully, after the call, my memory of my exam schedule and my sister’s departure came back.. but I still had no idea how I fell!

Somewhere in the midst of that, which I also don’t remember very well, I called my mom who was out grocery shopping, got lied to by my maid (which further confused me, ughh!!) because she thought my memory loss was me just playing around, called more people in between, and took a nap.

Yep. Sleep’s important!

When I woke again, the bump on my head felt bigger than ever and hurt terribly! And the worst part was, I still couldn’t remember most of what happened that day.

To cut the long story short, playback of our CCTV showed that I was chilling (very unglamorously) on the living room sofa, got up and walked to my room, closed the door, and two to three minutes later, came out with my hand on my head yelling for my mom. I walked downstairs, went to the kitchen, didn’t find anyone, and walked back up to my room.

That whole chunk of memory from the CCTV was completely missing in my head and even now, I can remember it as a very out of body experience, as though I was just seeing myself look about and walk around. The inside of my room isn’t recorded though so I don’t actually know what happened in those two minutes.. and no matter how I think of it or look back, I can’t seem to bring up the memory.
Well, I went for a CT Scan the following day which revealed scalp hematoma but no fracture, thank God!
Scalp hematomas occur on the outside of the skull and often can be felt as a bump on the head. Because the injury is to the skin and muscle layers outside of the skull, the hematoma itself cannot press on the brain. However, a scalp hematoma signals that there has been a head injury and it is important to assure that internal bleeding has not occurred within the skull.
I don’t actually know what else I forgot from that day and was plagued with headaches for days after, and sleep problems for nights because every friggin time the bump on my head touched a pillow, I would wake up from the pain. T.T

photo 1 (2)
Screen shot of the video I recorded of my head after the fall.

photo 2 (9)
The bleeding was all internal though and you can kinda glimpse a part of it through my thinning hair.

photo 3 (7)
Wah, really don’t know why I look so bald, but here’s my head a week after.

And here’s the mostly healed part of my head this week. It’s bleeding a little on the outside cause the scalp’s kinda thin there but I have a bad habit of scratching it so I scabbed.. (Aaaaannnddd, this is why I can never be a popular blogger lololol.)

Two weeks later (aka now!), there’s still a sizable bump that I can feel... I’m not dizzy anymore though and sleeping on it doesn’t bother me as much, but my dandruff has started to come out bloody and scabby (hahaha, no one needed to know that) Also, I would like to believe that my bad memory is due to this injury, but other than that, I’m perfectly fine and am recovering well!

So, yay!

Lesson learnt: Do not take study breaks. Ever.

With that being said, and with my history of accidents around exam periods (sprained ankle after AS, appendicitis the week before SPM), I think this blog needs a new label.


Of what happened yesterday.

Because SS15 is a disgustingly filthy place and the apartment I stay in has been the breeding ground of a whole population of rodents and cockroaches, I get frequently visited by cockroaches. Yesterday was no exception.. It was bigger than the usual and with it being late at night, I didn’t want to kill it and make a big noise in fear of waking up my housemates.

photo 5 (4)

Compare it against the scrunched up paper! It was pretty huge!

But noooo. The stupid thing had to come and chase after me, and because I have the coordination of a fish with feet, I basically tripped over my own foot and lightly twisted my ankle.




I hope my self-destructiveness makes your day. Goodbye!
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  1. T_T_T_T_T it sounded so serious!!! and I didn't knw you balled like a baby!!! D: you poor thing!! So glad it's nothing serious, thank God!!!

    1. Lol very embarrassing.. grandma thought that I was otp crying cause someone died or smth.. It was painful!! >.<


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