Antipodean, Bangsar & Ben’s General Food Store!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Hello, and welcome to the adventures of Tiffany’s Bottomless Chasm featuring no other than Tiffany’s stomach! (and Baby J & Celine)


This time, ladies and gentlemen, we bring you to Bangsar for brunch at Antipodean, where Tiffany and her friends stuff themselves silly. *audience applauds*

Pretty Celine, my C1! Open-mouthed smile(And the nicknaming continues!)

For brunch, we decided to meet at Antipodean. If you’re planning to head there at about 11.30am on a Saturday, you had better be prepared to wait in line to be seated, more so if you’re looking for a seat indoors.

My mediocre Iced Chocolate (RM8) which tasted dilute and had me craving for the thick chocolatey flavour of a mamak’s Milo Dinosaur.

The three of us decided to share Antipodean’s famous Big Breakfast, which has a huge portion of scrambled eggs, mushrooms, toast, hashbrown, and a choice of either pork sausages or bacon.

Look at those eggs!

I personally found the mushrooms the best thing on the plate! They were flavourful and juicy and absolutely addictive! Not much of a fan of scrambled eggs, I thought they were alright and not too buttery. The sausage was good, hash brown was unique, and the toast.. was toast.


All in all, a good hearty breakfast to share!

We also ordered banana pancakes and this was the perfect dish to satiate my morning sweet tooth! Open-mouthed smile 


The unassuming looking brown sauce at the right of the picture is its butterscotch sauce which was so good! My descriptive skills aren’t quite good enough, but believe me when I say that having the butterscotch sauce smother the warm pancakes is probably one of the best (or worst) things you could do to yourself in the morning.

I would have loved the pancakes even more had they had a little more banana in them but because of the sauce alone, all is forgiven. Open-mouthed smile

Antipodean Bangsar
No 20, Jalan Telawi 2
Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur,

Opening Hours:
Sun - Thu; 8:00 am - 10:00 pm
Fri - Sat; 8:00 am - 11:00 pm

And because I’ve been craving for lasagna, we continued our lunch adventure at Ben’s General Food Store. Note how our brunch turned into lunch. Any longer and we would have continued eating till dinner. :P

What post is complete without my face? LOLOLOL. Smile with tongue out


Although this may look a little like something out of a pathology textbook, do not allow yourself to be fooled by its appearance. The beef lasagna has probably got to be one of the best lasagnas I’ve ever had. Creamy and gooey and meaty and gaaahh, it’s making me salivate thinking about it!

The lasagna comes with a side salad. We wanted more mushrooms after our Big Breakfast and made the mistake of ordering the barley and mushroom salad. I’m not sure of its actual name but the description should be telling enough.

DSC_0541Forgive my out-of-focus photo! Pretend it was intentionally artistic? 

It was just a really weird side dish and since none of us really liked barley, we left it pretty much untouched. The mushrooms were sour (I think they’ve been pickled) but gave off a really sweet aftertaste, probably from the barley. Not exactly something I would ever have again, but hey, if you’re a fan of barley, give it a try!

The previous time I had lasagna, I ordered it with eggplant as a side and found that much more enjoyable. But to each their own! Open-mouthed smile 

There’s a Ben’s General Food Store in Bangsar Village and Publika so take your pick! Open-mouthed smile And it’s halal too!

You can access their maps here!


May your bellies go with you in peace. Smile

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