Things I Hate #2

Saturday, June 22, 2013

In my abundant acts of procrastination during the examination period, I found myself going on Twitter & Facebook a lot more often than I should’ve. I tried kicking the habit by deleting the apps only to find myself redownloading it days later or accessing the websites on my browser rather than the apps. T.T

Ahh, the perils of addiction. Eye rolling smile

Which brings me to the second thing I hate, which ironically enough, is hate.

It is probably one of the most senseless (and hypocritical) things to hate, but it really infuriates me when people are haters! For easier digestion, I’ve grouped these sort of haters into two.

The “Elite” Politicians

I’m not even sure if I’m adequately categorizing this group because they’re such a subsection of a subsection but I’m going to try to explain this frustration to the best of my ability.

Basically, we all have a few ‘blind politicians’ on our timelines.

Perpetually angry, this group of people are just filled with political hate. Now I’m not talking about those sharing links of supposed government lies or posting long arguments of how a political party has failed to fulfil their responsibility, but I’m talking about the ones who hate senselessly. They post long ramblings of how disappointed they are in a particular party and spout profanities against any naysayers. Rather than make sense, they come across as angry and hateful for no apparent reason and their dislike for said political party is often substantiated by a carelessly thrown out ‘they’re obviously corrupt’ or ‘the government sucks’.

Now, these aren’t the people I have beef with.

What bothers me are the ‘elite’ politicians. These are the ones who write posts just as long about politics but with ‘evidence’ and ‘opinions’ and ‘perspectives’, along with the line I hate the most - “I wish those who didn’t know anything wouldn't say anything.’

That bugs me so much it’s almost irrational.

I cannot stand it when people feel they’re entitled to more of an opinion because they’re more knowledgeable. Maybe your opinion will carry more weight or maybe it’d create more of an impact, but it does not negate or reduce the opinion of another person’s, especially if that opinion was posted on a personal platform.

Everyone is entitled to stupidity and everyone is entitled to the repercussions of their stupidity! Although the person posting may seem like an idiot to you, he has just the same amount of right as you to broadcast his stupidity as you do to broadcast your intelligence.

After all, we don’t need an IQ test to vote and at the end of the day, despite how ridiculous they may be or how poor their reasoning is, their vote counts just as much as yours, so come on… Let them share their ‘ignorance’. Rather than find it a nuisance, isn’t it more insightful to find out how they think?

The “I Don’t Understand Why”s

We’ve all seen them.

We know what they want.

But we pretend we don’t.

Yes, I’m talking about hashtaggers.

Every now and then, someone on Twitter will say something along the lines of “I don’t understand why girls post up a picture on Insta then hashtags a million things, then deletes the hashtags later on.”


We all know why they do it! They obviously do it for likes. And they delete them because they don’t want to seem like they do. It’s a simple enough concept to grasp.

Why ridicule their want and need for artificial affirmation? Most of us are attention-seekers in our own way anyhow, feeling a certain amount of satisfaction with people liking our photographs or retweeting our tweets. It’s just the kind of culture we’ve grown up in and shaming others who are more blatant with their attention-seeking desires just seems mean.

Now these attention-seekers will be even more likely to delete their million hashtags for fear of being pegged a ‘hashtag who*e’, which of course, will further escalate this cycle of hate.

The same goes for those who pick on people’s captions. Some post up pictures of themselves accompanied by some emotional song lyric or deep meaningful quote, and whilst most people generally don’t say a thing about it, there are a few who get very pissy and start to make fun of these ‘bimbos’ for their captions. “How is that song lyric even remotely related to that picture?” people would ask.

“I don’t understand why girls post pictures of themselves with song lyrics. Why can’t they just admit they’re vain instead of trying to sound deep?” << Real tweet!

Okay, for starters, what caption would you have preferred?

Is a world where every photograph is explained is one you’d like to live in?!?!

Is it true that boys really don’t like tanned girls?!?!?!? *breaks down in tears*


Probable real life caption:
But watching you stand alone
All of my doubt
Suddenly goes away somehow

Preferred caption (???):
I’m staring off into the distance and smiling because I want to look as though this photograph was taken candidly.

DSC_0366Probable real life caption:
You smile, I smile.

Preferred caption (???):
I’m smiling awkwardly at some place else because I want to look as though I’m contemplating things very happily as I wear my prom dress.

HAHAHAH, on second thought, the preferred captions seem a lot funnier. Nyah-Nyah

BUT THE POINT IS, just let people be. If they wanna post silly unrelated captions, then so be it! I know they don’t have to care about what you write and that you’re entitled to your own opinion, but your tweet may just spark that little tiny insecurity in themselves about their pictures and their quotes and then they could end up marginally depressed, and do you really want to do that to another human being? Sad smile 


Hatred aside, I’m actually in the United States now and having the time of my life!

In sunny Philadelphia and heading to New York today! Open-mouthed smile

Hope all’s well at home, and leave a comment if you agree or don’t agree with my hypocritical hatred of hate! Smile with tongue out

2 comments on "Things I Hate #2"
  1. *Insert random photo of Jocelyn here*
    I see you decided to be satirical ;)

    P.S Hating hate leads to a paradoxical thought process since you'll be hating that you're hating hate so you would be loving hate instead. :P

    1. Haha, satire!!! :p and, I would've put up more pictures of myself staring I to the distance, but since I alrdy had Jo's pic.. I figured, why not.

      And in all seriousness, it's a triple negative! It'll just eventually end up as hate. RAWR, you're making it sound like I love everything again!! *wails*


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