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Monday, June 17, 2013

A friend of mine once told me that I could find a way to answer any question… except the ones that start with ‘where’. Cursed with a terrible sense of direction, most of the time when I get people to send me home, I tell them my address with a sheepish smile and hope for the ‘OOOOOOHH, yeah I know where!’, then sit back, relax, and yabber my way through the entire drive, giving advice that no one probably wants. Smile with tongue out 

Before I digress further into my wonderful road adventures with all my friendly buddy drivers, the point of the introduction above was to basically emphasize how bad I am at answering where questions! Like the one in my title today.


It’s because, ladies and gentlemen, A-Levels has officially ended!!!
I’m an educated individual! Open-mouthed smile Open-mouthed smile Open-mouthed smile

I’ve been itching to blog because there has been so much going on since my exams ended. I finally had those catch-up sessions with my friends I’ve been yearning for since our trial examinations, went to Johor on a short trip with some buddies, attended prom, and basically ate like an absolute maniac!

I’m also heading to the USA on Wednesday to visit my sister who’s studying there now. With careful planning and early mornings, we’re going to be visiting PhiladelphiaOpen-mouthed smile, Atlantic City Surprised smile, Los Angeles Smile, Hollywood Open-mouthed smile, Disneyland Surprised smile, and San Diego Smile with tongue out all in the time span of one week! Surprised smile

The holidays started with an outing with Zhengs, En Leang, and Jo (who I am now going to refer to as Baby J). Throughout the whole outing, we were all pretty much just amazed that we did not have to go home to study. Every now and then, our conversation would be peppered with one of us coming to the realization that we didn’t have to rush dinner to get home to our books, or that we were done with exams, or that we were pretty much allowed to be irresponsible for the first time in months!

I didn’t know how to feel! 

And clearly, Zhengs just wanted to get in touch with his QQ side. Smile with tongue out

Aww, look at that cutie!

We ate at Vivo American Pizza & Panini, and it tasted a lot better in my memory. I was pretty disappointed with the cheese baked pasta I ordered but it could be due to my newly educated tastebuds.

The sauce was flat and spaghetti was tough. Sad smile 

Baby J didn’t have much praise about her meatball pasta either.
Buuuut, maybe ordering actual pizza and panini would’ve been a better choice. Smile with tongue out 

MY ATTRACTIVE FRIENDS. Open-mouthed smile *proudly shows off the fact that I’m not a loser*


It was a very weird sort of blissful outing, with nothing much to shout about. Everyone was just in a good mood and were all around jovial and cheerful, kinda like how you’d feel after a long day of carrying your backpack and just finally being able to take if off.

We watched Now You See Me and I really enjoyed it! If you love magic shows and don’t mind a completely inappropriate and random romantic injection, you’d probably love it too! Smile

As a last note, since Zhengs had to be so annoying and spoil a photo of us both, I’m just going to get my revenge by posting it up.


You’re welcome. Smile with tongue out

I’ll probably try to get a few scheduled posts up for when I’m in the US so keep checking back for more! Open-mouthed smile

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