Monday, July 29, 2013
Besides my trypophobia (Google it and see if you have it Smile with tongue out), another thing I cannot stand are marks on my body. I don’t quite know how to explain this but an example would be like.. when you sit on sandy ground and you press your hand on the floor for support, then when you lift your hand you see these disgusting indentation dots on your palm, gaahh! *shudders*

It isn’t just that though.. There’s waking up with creases on my arms and face due to sleeping awkwardly on a blanket, and the most common of all, having that horrible hair tie mark around my wrist. You girls should be very familiar with it. When you carry a hair tie with you on your wrist in case of emergencies and when it’s too tight, it leaves that gross crease that runs deep and red all around your wrist GAH. I absolutely cannot stand that and would rather keep my hair tie in my pocket than endure it. As a result, I end up losing a lot of hair ties. Heh?

Well, there’s finally a solution!


They’ve been taking the US and Singapore by storm the last couple of months but the closest I knew of were Twistbands which go for $12 (Singapore dollars) for a pack of 6, not including shipping! D:


Thankfully, they’ve managed to find a way closer to home through Tie-Ups, a small start up by a good friend of mine, Rachel. Smile


Rachel! Open-mouthed smile

Look at those gorgeous colours and for only RM18! Red heart

There are loads of prettier colour combinations on the site itself and not only are they great for wearing around the wrist without those awful marks, they’re awesome for tying your hair with and for wearing as accessories. Open-mouthed smile


Matching bracelet for my favourite colour!


And for keeping your hair in place. :P

Before I cut my hair, I have to admit I was facing a pretty bad hairloss problem. It really doesn’t help either that tying my hair with normal elastics end up with me pulling out a few stray strands – strands a balding person cannot afford to lose! *distressed face*

Tie-Ups are awesome in the sense that they’re gentle on your hair and leave no kinks, which fortunately, means less tugging and less hair loss! Open-mouthed smile

Some Tie-Up accessorizing, taken from their website. Smile


Completing my outfit with one in Taiping! Open-mouthed smile


Surprised smile
The only problem for me is actually remembering to wear them out! If I forget and desperately need to tie my hair, I end up using awful orange rubber bands from restaurants or I stuff stationery into my hair and twist them into a bun. Smile with tongue out Which isn’t very sanitary (for the owner of the stationery) or good for my hair, heh?

But let’s hope you aren’t as forgetful. Open-mouthed smile
And just for being a faithful reader, all readers of tiffanykml.com gets 20% off on your order! Just key in “Tiffany” upon checkout to enjoy this discount. Open-mouthed smile 
Have a nice day, folks! ^^V

PS: Free shipping for all orders above RM30! Open-mouthed smile Lucky us!


A Little Respite.

Sunday, July 28, 2013
When studying for exams, every break feels like a blessing. I yearn for moments of thoughtlessness amidst the scheduled hours. When exams end, the blessings turn into prolonged bliss as days are spent almost recklessly with dinners that take too long, or outings where we walk about without direction or eat desserts to fill gaps between meals. Soon however, because human nature is as such to never be satisfied, thoughtlessness loses its appeal and I fill my days to the brim with activity after activity, where I learn that I thrive in the state of being busy. But of course, I undoubtedly tire of that and long for stretches of empty days for my Korean dramas, knitting, and hard-cover novels. Open-mouthed smile

I know some consider days fulfilled only when doing something worthwhile, whilst others consider a holiday one that requires no responsibility at all, but I'm pretty satisfied with my ever-changing definition of a good break. However, it can be good to be forcibly removed from it all in entirety (temporarily) and when I say that, I refer to leaving home for a bit, not answering calls, having not much of an Internet connection and just really spending days sleeping and relaxing in front of the TV

For me, this break came in the form of visiting Taiping which really is such a rustic old town that every photo seems scenic, is home to some of the best Malaysian food, and happens to be a haven for strangely cuddly cats.


Day 1 in the most comfortable pair of pants in the worrrrlddd and a shirt I wear much too often. :P


The morning of Day 2!


After these photos were taken, we all gathered into the car and headed to Maxwell Hill (or more commonly known as Bukit Larut) but although it was only 10am, tickets to the top were already sold out by 7 that morning!

Instead of a cooling trip up Malaysia’s wettest hill (knowledge courtesy of those 3 years of Geography), I got my hair cut instead. D:


And highlighted..


Squinty smile!


Photo credits to my maid, whose inability to hold a camera straight results in semi-artsy photos! Smile with tongue out

A trip to Taiping isn’t complete without a visit to Lake Garden! The trees there are such a miracle of nature I’m surprised it isn’t more famous than it currently is. They literally arch over the road like a forest-y rainbow. Rainbow

Image source here.


To think that my parents used to go on dates beneath these trees.. Ahh, not sure whether that thought is sweet or somewhat gross. :P

With my adorable grandpa who doesn’t speak a word of English and is as deaf as a post, but still mustered a “Take care” to me. Crying face AHH I LOVE MY GRANDPARENTS SO MUCH! 



Cutting my hair was so impulsive a decision that I didn’t even really have time to mull it over. And no, I refuse to hear a word from anyone about how much they prefer my old hair since I really can’t do anything about it now! Smile with tongue out But I’m pretty pleased with the length because it’s so much easier to handle. Hopefully the lighter hair will result in less of it falling out! Open-mouthed smile

Day 3 in my sunny summery dress! Sun


Spot my glasses! Smile with tongue out

Food in Taiping is ridiculously cheap but very delicious. Everytime I drop by, self-control flies out the window. D:



Pork trotter!


My favourite taufu! 

A meal with pork trotter, curry fishhead, lemon chicken, claypot taufu, assorted vegetables and a few plates of rice totalled a mere RM86++! And it was more than enough to fill the tummies of 5 people. I had a meal with En Leang that day and it already went up to RM90 for just us both. Surprised smile

I don’t know if it’s just me, but I always seem to find myself eating more “Malaysian” food when travelling within the country. It isn’t as though KL doesn’t have its fair share of Malaysian delicacies but I’d much rather eat at a Western or Japanese restaurant than head over to a hawker centre in KL. 


The first roti telur I’ve had in a long long time.


Accompanied by the sugar that never seems to come with KL’s roti. 


Haphazardly arranged, but the most fatty, juicy, and sweet charsiew I’ve ever had. So.. sinfully delicious. *salivates* The worst part is, I don’t even know where this is - it was just from a random hawker centre!


Rojak sponsored by my maid!


Porridge accompaniments.


Grandad’s curry mee.


The best fried tofu I’ve ever had, with yummy century eggs I’ve always been in love with.


Char kuey teow. (Drooling yet?)


Lobak! My guilty pleasure. Open-mouthed smile 

Yam cake by the dozen!

Although I’m very much a dog person, I do have a certain amount of love for cats as well. This is however, nothing in comparison to the cats in Taiping which seem to love everyone!! They rub themselves against your legs as you eat at restaurants, curl beneath your feet for a rub as you watch TV, purr at you, and fall asleep against you.


Random cat!

Grandpa’s sleeping house cat. 

A very very creepy Cat in the Hat display at the Night Safari with my brother’s creepy face. 

And uhh.. this isn’t a cat but is the best photo I got at the safari.

Along with this deceptively cuddly-looking porcupine! 

*big hippo yawn*

Well, now that I’m back from Taiping, I feel rejuvenated! I have a whole bunch of things on my to-do list that requires some attention and a lot of exercise to do to compensate for the past few months of reckless indulgence… which, ladies and gentlemen, bring me to my August goal of attempting to complete Blogilates’ Beginner’s Calendar available here!

Anyone care to join me? Open-mouthed smile 

Till next time, you cuddly porcupine reader you!

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