Grateful in May

Friday, July 12, 2013

I just got back from a wonderful trip in Penang yesterday and am really itching to start blogging about it! But, before that, time to get my May Goal out of the way! Smile with tongue out 

When May began, it was frightening. Our A2 exams (the second half of A-Levels) were scheduled to begin then, bringing with it fears for university admissions and parental expectations! D: D: My Twitter feed was filled with ‘#MayWish’es, begging the month to treat us well as we go through the exams and stress.

Despite my ‘angry debate face’, I’m generally a rather relaxed person and do not succumb to stress easily. However, even I found myself shushing people a little more aggressively, eating a lot faster to save time, and rushing my family about so I could get home to study… only to greet my bed multiple times a day for naps. Digressing a little but during exam periods, I find myself sleeping and eating a lot more often! I keep telling myself that sleep and food are necessities and thus, I should be able to do as much of it as I wanted to but really, procrastination is procrastination and I didn’t really need 14 hours of sleep a day.


Speaking for myself, when times are hard, I find it a little more difficult to be grateful. Complaints become more commonplace and I begin to find issues with all sorts of things. One of my New Year resolutions was to walk in gratitude and that’s what I tried to do for the month of May. Despite it all, I resolved to find one thing to be grateful for each day and although most of the time I was grateful for food (figures!), thinking about being grateful really put things into perspective and helped remind me of how lucky I really am.

Photo May 01, 9 25 43 PM

May 1st – I’m grateful for my family and when they take me out for meals. My family came to visit me in Subang! Yay! Had the biggest burger ever. If you’re wondering where you can get that, it’s at Asia Cafe for only RM30. Absolutely gigantic and tasted amazing! Open-mouthed smile 

Photo May 03, 1 54 57 AM

May 2nd – I'm grateful that I can afford Chicken Essence. It gives me an unnaturally ridiculous amount of energy to laugh and last longer studying throughout the night. Smile 

Photo May 03, 8 04 50 PM
May 3rd – I’m grateful for the girls in my class! This isn’t all of them but they’re already so many more than my previous class. Open-mouthed smile I’m comfortable hanging out with boys and never expected to miss the company of girls so much, heh. But yeah, surprisingly grateful for the girls in my class.


May 4th – We went out two days early to celebrate my brother’s 15th birthday! We went for Tony Romas and whilst I’m grateful for the ribs in the above picture, I’m mostly grateful for my brother.

Photo May 04, 6 57 39 PM

Our relationship fluctuates from close to not-so-close to strangers to close again but I’m grateful not only for today, but I’m grateful that he has grown up so well. Hopefully, he’d be less stubborn too. Smile with tongue out 

Photo May 05, 7 36 17 PM

May 5th – Because my family believes in birthdays lasting very long, Dom got to choose dinner the next night as well and we all got pizza for dinner! I love pizza and was very grateful to take a break from the books to chow down on this very special pesto flavoured pizza!

Photo May 05, 11 46 23 PM

May 6th – LOL, I’m grateful for cake ahahahhaaha. Okay, don’t need to say anything else.

Photo May 07, 6 32 47 PM

May 7th – I blogged about this already here so it’s really a no brainer to say that I’m grateful the injury wasn’t more serious. I’m also grateful that it happened before my exams and not in the midst of it.

Photo May 08, 7 28 39 PM

May 8th – My dad came into my room with a bowl of M&Ms for study sustenance and not only am I grateful for the endorphins boost, I’m also grateful for my thoughtful father!

Photo May 09, 5 01 26 PM

May 9th – Seremban Siew Pao! You can see my Paper 5 notes in the background, hahaha. But bottom line is, I’m grateful for the chance to indulge in delicacies despite the examinations. Open-mouthed smile 

Photo May 09, 7 37 22 PM

May 10th – I’m grateful for the night!

Photo May 11, 4 36 34 PM

May 11th – I’m grateful for the day!


Photo May 12, 5 57 35 PM

May 12th – I’m grateful all the way! Hahahah! Okay, bad rhyming. Anyway, mom threw together some fruit parfait for me with really yummy chocolate icecream, frozen grapes, and watermelon! Amazing combination. Haha, I’m grateful for the fact that my parents know me well enough to stuff me with food during my exams.

Photo May 12, 12 32 36 AM

May 13th – I’m grateful for my mother for everything she has taught me and for everything she is. I’m grateful for the fact that my brother came into my room for the first time with initiative to do something for our parents. Years back, Chloe and I would make the card and Dom would just sign it. Smile with tongue out 

Photo May 15, 7 22 21 PM

May 14th – I’m grateful for the sunset. I’m grateful that I live in a place that allows me to see God’s beautiful creation every day!

Photo May 17, 9 44 02 PM

May 15th – I was actually feeling quite upset that day. I think I was just really tired of studying. I saw the earmuffs on the table and wore them on my lamp as motivation to meet the required results to go off to the UK and someday wear those earmuffs myself! Little did i know that it would end up looking so cute and I laughed for a bit to myself. Hahaha, so I guess I’m grateful for laughter! To be able to laugh at little things! Open-mouthed smile And my weird motivational study lamp.

May 16th – I don’t have a picture but I wrote down that I was very grateful for the fact that when I was craving certain foods, my mom would go out of her way to get them for me. I don’t always appreciate the fact that my mom actually takes the effort to buy me food so having that thought made me very grateful! And I got nasi kukus if you were wondering. Smile with tongue out 

photo (2)

May 17th – HAHA, this is somewhat embarrassing but probably something I’d want to remember in the future. I’m grateful for my family. I’m grateful for having a family that can say silly things to each other. I’m grateful that I can tell them almost anything and everything and it makes me happy. Smile 

Photo May 18, 1 33 20 PM

May 18th – I am SO INCREDIBLY GRATEFUL for kind strangers. if you’ve been following me on Instagram for a while now, you’d know that I collect Coca-Cola bottles and cans! A friend of my dad’s heard that and came over to drop off these goodies for me! :’) I LOVE PEOPLE!!! Red heart I’m just so grateful that people take the time to care about my silly little hobby.

Photo May 19, 11 49 55 PM

May 19th – Although MyPlace (the hostel I stayed at in Subang) is disgusting and has cockroaches and other depressing unhygienic things, they started renovating the place and I got a new table! Smile I’m grateful for the chance to enjoy it a little before moving out.

Photo May 20, 8 45 20 PM

May 20th – I’m grateful that Tummy came and brought me cake when I was down when I felt as though I messed up my paper very badly. Hopefully, it isn’t as bad as I thought/think it was!

Photo May 20, 6 38 35 PM

May 21st – I’m grateful to be shortlisted as prom queen for my class’ nominations. HAHA, although to be fair it was a tie between me and another girl in my class (Jiale!) and she didn’t want it. –.-

Photo May 21, 3 12 59 PM

May 22nd – But then I wasn’t content so I bought myself more cake! Tiramisu, of course! I’m grateful for being able to afford cake. I’m also grateful that it is easily accessible. Despite all its faults, SS15 is almost lovable for its plethora of nearby food stores!

Photo May 23, 10 53 55 PM

May 23rd – I’m grateful for my face. Smile with tongue out Of course I am – I keep taking pictures of it! But honestly, I’m very grateful to be able to see and hear and taste and touch, and that I can look presentable as well. It’s something that most people are shy to admit for fear of sounding vain but I don’t think it’s wrong to be appreciative of one’s own appearance. Most are often too critical on themselves. Sad smile 

Photo May 24, 2 28 09 PM

May 24th – I actually think my dates are wrong… REGARDLESS, I’m grateful for classmates to eat with! We went to Big Hug Burger for lunch to ‘celebrate’ the end of papers for the month of May and to mark the beginning of our 2 week study break for the following papers. I didn’t find the burger I had particularly amazing and it took much too long to arrive, but I’m grateful for the great company I had and the fact that the only problem I had was a first world problem, and I didn’t actually have to worry about not being able to eat.

Photo May 25, 1 12 46 PM


May 25th – The above picture is related to booking bus tickets for our trip to Johor (which I will blog about soon!!). I’m grateful that we managed to sort out the rooms although initially, they said that they had no available space. Open-mouthed smile

Photo May 25, 3 07 58 AMMay 26th – I was invited to Go Burger Kitchen to review their burgers and was grateful to be invited, grateful to have met nice people, and grateful for the opportunities my blog gives me. Smile 

Photo May 26, 10 41 47 AM

May 27th – I am grateful for the cotton candy skies and the fact that my church is near Chinatown! Some of my friends have never been to that area and I’m grateful that I’ve been blessed with this Malaysian experiences!

Photo May 26, 11 07 22 PM

May 28th – My maid likes to talk to me or tie my hair when I study and although she can yabber a little more than I would sometimes like, I’m grateful for the company and for the time she takes in tying bridal hairstyles for me. Smile with tongue out

Photo May 27, 10 48 34 PM

May 29th – And I’m grateful because she doesn’t get bored and keeps doing really interesting things to my hair! I never feel lonely when studying! Smile

Photo May 28, 12 00 50 PM

May 30th – I’m grateful for this adorable backrest which I bought online. It is soft and well, uhh.. to be honest, I don’t use it as a backrest anymore because I keep tossing it off my chair after sitting for too long. HOWEVER, it is still adorable and I have feelings of fondness towards it.

Photo May 29, 4 56 48 PM

May 31st – This glorious piece of salmon makes me so grateful because of the fact that my mother specially makes it for me because I love how it tastes and it is supposedly good brain food! And after my fall, everyone (quite insultingly) insinuates that I lack crucial brain cells and need additional help. Smile with tongue out Still, I’m grateful for everyone’s care and concern!


So that was May! I loved how at the end of the month when I reviewed it all, it became very difficult to remember anything bad about the month since all I documented were things I felt grateful for! I’m sure that May must have been difficult and stressful, but looking back, I just feel extremely blessed for all those 31 things I stated above.

Try it some time! Be grateful for at least one thing a day and you might be surprised at just how happy you could be. Someone once said: You aren’t happy by what you have, you’re happy by what you appreciate. Open-mouthed smile Even if it’s a meal or the fact that someone was polite to you or the fact that you read an amazing blog today *ahem ahem*, appreciate something! Winking smile 

Have fun! Open-mouthed smile

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  1. Wow, this is a wonderfully written blogpost Tiffy! One of my favorites for sure. A mixture of well documentation as well as a glimpse of your ever-so-grateful nature. (Y)

    P.S I'm gonna refer myself to Tummy on your blog too!

    1. Hahah really ah! I think it's just a really long post ahaha but may it motivate you to choose to be happy! ^^

  2. I think I have to stop looking at your blog in the morning, at least until raya.

    1. Hahaha I'm refraining from high quality food posts okay! :p blurry phone pics aren't as tempting haha. Selamat berpuasa


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