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Friday, August 16, 2013




… Uh.. Malaysia?

Crying face

It isn’t the most conventional train of thought for a holiday but with my two best buddies living completely different lives, our initially ambitious plans of travelling together to foreign lands got more and more stripped down as the plans progressed. When we thought we had finally decided on Taiwan, Baby J decided to go off on her own (*glares*) and Thailand wasn’t a possibility because C1 was already going there with her own friends. (*double glares*)

So, we decided to choose from our abundant tourist hot spots but as I had just gotten back from Johor and Penang, that wasn’t a possibility either and eventually.. our busy schedules left us with no option except to have a sleepover..  A massive house hopping 4D3N sleepover with each night at a different house. Surprised smileSurprised smile Surprised smileSurprised smile

IMG_0675Of course, like every good story, our adventure began with an epic lightsaber battle!! Open-mouthed smile Open-mouthed smile

Zheng Xi and I had the pleasure of returning to the school stage as co-hosts of Sri KDU’s Alumni Gathering 2013 and were blessed by the sight of friendly faces.

Ng, Wai Howe, Shane

The girls of the class of 2011. (I’m not really that tall, I was in heels! Smile with tongue out)

The first sleepover was spent at Baby J’s place and a few conversations later, we easily dozed off only to head to Village Park for that famed nasi lemak! In love

It really is one of the best nasi lemaks I’ve ever had with its fragrant rice, oily but flavourful fried chicken, and absolutely delicious sambal – basically Malaysia’s version of ultimate sin. ;D

Standing.. in the middle of the street. Smile with tongue out

As with all other post A-Level students with too much time on their hands, we decided to watch a movie and I pampered myself for the first time with a Premium ticket at Curve.

In the lounge with the King! Red heart Be still my beating heart.

Tummy! Open-mouthed smile

Why, hello there, James Dean. Smile with tongue out

Watching a Premium movie really was an experience I was glad to have at least once. You get these huge comfy sofas which recline almost all the way back, as well as the pleasure of having helpers come at your beck and call to deliver water and/or food if you decide to buy them. Hehe, living the atas life lah basically.

But I think our group was quite embarrassing… Posing at the entrance with the ticket, having the cinema staff teach us how to recline our chairs, and taking way too much time trying to decide if we should spend money on the tickets themselves. Embarrassed smile

SHYYY!!! Embarrassed smile

But we swallowed our pride and had a lovely dinner after the movie!


What a mix of people! Smile with tongue out

And uh.. Since you’re here reading this, I assume you won’t mind another picture of my face..

Stare into my soul!

And another one..

And.. another one! Open-mouthed smile

IMG_0811For the ladies (and some men), here is the puppy-eyed trigger happy cameraman who had too much fun taking pictures just to see the light hit my hair and turn it red.

Just like magic! Open-mouthed smile Although it really is just hair dye. Smile with tongue out

And no, I didn’t forget my friends! Open-mouthed smile

Surprisingly delicious seafood pasta at Dome Cafe! Open-mouthed smile

En Leang and Baby J had other appointments to meet and the rest of us four decided to explore the Escape Room. If you’ve ever watched the Saw series, this is sort of like it except with no actual threat. They give us rooms with clues and puzzles in order for us to escape in 45 minutes according to different themes.

And just to show off a little lah, we managed to escape the hardest room – the Pirate Ship!!

JENG JENG JENG! Open-mouthed smile Open-mouthed smile

Okay, admittedly we finished right on the dot at 44 minutes and 59 seconds but nonetheless, we returned homes feeling very satisfied and intelligent. Smile with tongue out The Escape Room is having a student price of RM28 per person and in my opinion, is one of the more fun ways to spend an hour. Extremely fulfilling and challenging, none of those mind-numbing things we find ourselves doing nowadays.
The sleepover then continued at my house and we spent the following day exploring one of our underappreciated treasures – the Central Bank Museum.

This tunnel is filled with actual RM1,000,000 in cash sealed in acrylic and made up of bank notes from over the years! 

Baby J!

IMG_0919So.. Much.. Cash. Surprised smile

It is quite an amazing feeling to be so completely surrounded by that much cash and I’m sure most, if not all of us have never seen such a large amount at once.

Boy, I sure would love to spend mone- I mean, spend more time in here!

And in case anyone has any funny ideas, the way the money is sealed in acrylic would cause the money to be destroyed if it was ever to be removed from the tunnel. Sad smile

But meh, I guess when people talked about a million dollar bank robbery, they weren’t exactly thinking of stealing it from the bank’s museum anyway. Smile with tongue out

“Money” from long ago! People would ‘spend’ the money by trading ownership of this huge rock.

Money substitutes. Open-mouthed smile

Outside the children’s museum with my educated friends who are all pursuing education in the United Kingdom.. with their shaded coin. Yknow like how in primary school when you’d put paper over something engraved and colour over it to make a pattern? Yeah.. Educated. Pssft.

Different floors of the museum revealed different parts of the bank.

From their ‘vaults’.. (Spot the three spies! Smile with tongue out)

To the governor's office!

They even had records of all the money used way back when the British and Japanese occupied Malaya!

Look how huge their bank notes were! Surprised smile


With currencies from all around the world!

Lol, this picture has no historical importance.. It just shows that I was in the museum. Smile with tongue out

After surveying the art gallery and various other sections of the museum, we were just about to leave when we spotted the mascot!! Open-mouthed smile

Hehe, kijang scholars with the kijang! Open-mouthed smile The.. very awkward and stiff looking kijang.

LOL I actually felt quite sorry for the person in the suit because he looked like he was having such trouble waddling from place and despite how he posed, looked super stiff and uncomfortable. Disappointed smile
A night at C1’s, mamak food, Thai food, and a Japanese buffet later, we ended our house hopping journey and went back to our respective homes. It was probably one of the most troublesome trips ever with us basically travelling back and forth across PJ and KL but it was still lots of fun being able to spend time with those girls. Open-mouthed smile

Try it sometimes. When your plans don’t fall through.. maybe house hopping could do the trick! Be a tourist in your own country and feel free to visit museums and challenge yourself. Open-mouthed smile


Accidentally matching with Baby J!

And uh.. I’ve been ending my posts with cute animals lately but I’ve decided to make this a little different and give you my uncomfortably awkward face.


Heh! Open-mouthed smile

TAKE CARE, EVERYONE!!! Open-mouthed smile

May you have excellent days ahead. Smile
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  1. Tiffany,this blog post gave me a delightful historical insight,especially the antique currencies.The 3 KDU boys in one of your pictures are quite good looking especially the one on figure that out yourself :p you're pretty as usual,can't wait till your next post.lots of love

    1. LOL actually we learnt about these currencies from our history textbooks so its pretty cool! The museum even has the Hukum Kanun Melaka! AHAHA and ya ya KDU boys (Y). Thanks for your support!


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