California Dreams.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

California was really all sun, palm trees, glitz, and glam. With a fair amount of tourists as well.

My sister and I went a little camera crazy with the golden setting sun and took a ridiculous number of photos. Heh heh heh. We really have no shame lo.

I was meaning to put this post up once I carefully select the pictures and do some fine tuning, colour edits, yknow.. the works. But after scrolling through all of them, I realized they were all kind of amusing in their own way (with some a lot more unglam than the others Smile with tongue out).

So, I put together the longest .gif ever so feast your eyes on a sort of mini flipbook of my sister’s and my vanity. Open-mouthed smile Do allow the pics to load first though so you can watch it smoothly & quickly because if you have long enough to stare at each picture, you’ll realize how awful they actually are! Smile with tongue out 

Maybe read the rest of the post first while waiting for it to load?

California Complete

The home of Disneyland, Los Angeles, Hollywood, and the star of so many songs, California was such a thrill to be in and a stark difference from New York City. Rather than skyscrapers lined up neatly next to each other, California was more like a smattering of one floor houses (I’m ignoring Beverly Hills here!) and palm trees and low decorative bushes pretty much make up the entire flora of the entire district.

For those interested in heading to Disneyland, Anaheim, California, the original Disneyland that Walt Disney set up, I really recommend Fairfield Inn (Marriot). It is walking distance away from the theme park, pratically at its door step and every night, if you position yourself properly, you get to watch the gorgeous Disneyland fireworks! Open-mouthed smile 

Fairfield Inn!

DSC_1094Crappy composition but look at those colours! I expect to get an email soon offering me a position as an official hotel photographer.

Ahh looking at this and thinking of London’s weather.. Omg, sad face.

And I literally stood in the bushes to take this shot like a weirdo pervert. T.T But I swear I wasn’t creeping, I just wanted a shot of the pool..

DON’T TELL ME WHAT KIND OF DAY TO HAVE!! Steaming madHaha, omg okay la just kidding, thanks you very kind mat. (I’m so syok sendiri, I amuse myself.)

Staying in Disneyland itself really isn’t worth it in my opinion because unless you plan to spend most of your time in there, you will only be sleeping in your hotel room. And do you really want to have to make the decision between enjoying your expensive Disney-themed room or spending time in the extensive theme park? In fact, there isn’t even a decision to make so how about you save your money and try some of the nearby hotels which are also Disney themed? There are a couple in the same row as Fairfield and I’m sure if you searched around the Internet enough, you could find some gems! Smile 

Unlocking the kid in me, hehehe.

The hotel even had a little booth next to the reception for kids to check in! Adorable! I was so tempted to go over but well, some little kids beat me to it. Sad smile And shy a bit lah after that since their parents were lurking around.

We got a room with two Queen-sized beds and didn’t actually know that the hotel would put in the effort for little Disney accents throughout the room!


Really small details but I felt that it completed the Disney experience! Open-mouthed smile 

There’s even a sweet moment caught on camera between Minnie and Mickey in the toilet!

All hotels should have that! Even if it isn’t much, it just gives an impression of that extra mile. Winking smile 

Whilst living like tourists, we also ate like tourists!

A strange tomboy-ish photo of me outside the McDonald’s that’s just a stone’s throw away from our hotel!

DSC_0024 (3)
LOL at my sister staring so intently at the screen. Rolling on the floor laughing

DSC_0028 (3)

Whilst American McDonalds holds appeal for the fact that America in itself is the land of fast food, it was Captain Kidd’s Buffet that really embodies the American dining culture.


Basically serving everything we were encouraged to avoid, the buffet was cheap and unsurprisingly, filled with people in varying stages of visible obesity. Surprised smile

So cheap! Surprised smile 

Even a Disney themed restaurant!

And the food was good too! I’m certain very piled with calories as well but they make for hearty meals!

Amazing Mac & Cheese!

Overly creamy cakes. =/

That skinny girl eats so much, it’s so unfair!


Chilli cheese fries! Because there really is no way to be creative with gluttony.

Disneyland deserves a post all on its own and I’ll get around to that at some point! But, making good progress with my daily posting. Although it has just been two days. Smile with tongue out 


Now remember to go back and check out the .gif! Open-mouthed smile

2 comments on "California Dreams."
  1. Wow,there's a happy California girl over here,daisy dukes bikinis on top? :p i've been to disneyland and yes,the hotels were disney themed,it completes the disney atmosphere,really felt like a kid again,it felt warm,mmmmm.Americans and their fatty food,primary cause of their morbid obesity.Luckily you're not clinically obese,or are you? :p but its okay,you look slim ^^

    1. Ahh what a timely reminder heh I just had a huge dinner.. And at the rate I'm going, not suitable for a bikini anytime soon. :p Disneyland was so colorful, can't wait to blog about it!


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