Hello, London!

Monday, September 30, 2013
I’ve been getting all sorts of questions about where I am and what I’m doing because of my haphazardly and disorderly arranged blogposts so let’s clear up a couple of doubts!

1. I am not in America! I was there for a holiday in June which is ages ago, but am only posting them now, hehe. I have a few more posts on the US to go before I can be done with my US trip and although it’s late, I love blogging about my holidays because whenever I want to relive the trip, I just go back to an old blog post and revel in the memories from the pictures and words!

2. My birthday was on the 26th of September and was absolutely amazing! I will blog about that as well, but the reason it was confusing was because I celebrated it about 4 times in total. Heh?

3. I am in the UK now! I flew into London last night and will be pursuing my studies at London School of Economics, so that’s really exciting!

So, now that everything’s cleared up.. lemme share my first day in London with you! It was absolutely fantastic and I had so much fun!

The only picture really worth showing from that gruelling 13-hour flight with 4 crying babies (who found it enjoyable to take turns crying throughout the night) is the food!

Nom nom! 

After freshening up, En Leang and I met up with Melvin, Baby J, & Donald for some little London touring. Of course, I was being an absolute embarrassment, carrying my camera everywhere and snapping at every corner. Smile with tongue out


Still in the midst of unpacking so all of my clothes look really mismatched, and probably will continue to do so for the next couple of days. Flirt male But I didn’t think I looked that bad.. Till my sister and Baby J both pointed it out. Sad smile Hahah, whoops?


We took the tube (exciting!) to Leicester Square a.k.a. Chinatown which doesn’t differ too much from country to country.



A little taste of home, if you’re interested! For a hefty price though. D: For those who aren’t aware, the pound to Ringgit is around 1 pound to RM5.3. Broken heart



Jocelyn being photobombed by Donald (on the left) and Melvin (on the right)! 



After some pretty impressive Cantonese from Baby J, we skipped a queue for a Chinese restaurant and had fantastic dim sum! Of course, having just flown in, I wasn’t craving it as badly as the rest but it was still really good!


Nom nom.

It was such fun being tourists in a place you knew you would be staying at for years to come and I got excited over everything! We headed to that famous M&M store in London and although didn’t buy anything, came back with loads of pictures. Smile with tongue out 


The rest kept saying the M&M on the left was like me – nerdy-looking and bespectacled, likely to succeed (lolol thanks guys), and of course… brown. Annoyed


*embraces tanned skin and misunderstood chocolate M&M*

We were taking so many pictures, we must’ve been a ‘royal’ pain. Smile with tongue out

‘Bear’ with our vanity for a little while. Smile with tongue out 

We walked from Chinatown to Picadilly Circus just taking in the sights and sounds of London City! It has the busy-ness of New York, but it is so much more endearing and warm with its wide streets and smiling passerbys. The buildings aren’t as cramped but there’s always so much happening I don’t think I’d ever be bored here! Open-mouthed smile 

Baby J, who came all the way from Coventry! It’s about a 2 hour train ride from there to here so it was good seeing her. Open-mouthed smile 

And with Melvin, our tourguide, who’s just a stone’s throw away from my place!

All in all, it was a fantastic first day thanks to the great company and wonderful weather, complete with British tea, some drinks, Primark, and the tube station.

And ladies and gentlemen, let me leave you with this.

photo (5)
You’re welcome. Winking smile 

PS: I can’t really categorize this under “Travel” so bid hello to a new category – UK! It’ll be a subsection under Life so you can access all my new posts from that section on the right, or just click the label at the bottom of this post! Open-mouthed smile
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