Prawn Fishing & my Elder Wand

Tuesday, September 10, 2013
When you move between states at the age of 11, keeping contact with childhood friends isn’t as easy. We were 11 at a time where phones were few and hardly anyone knew what wi-fi was (gosh, it makes me feel old just saying that! Smile with tongue out).

Maybe I’m blaming the environment or the situation, but over the years, I just lost touch with most of my friends from Ipoh and we all ended up living such separate lives in separate environments that it amazes me how these were once the people I spoke to daily.

With that, I always get very amazed when people tell me that they’ve known so-and-so for more than half of their lives and are still extremely close. It’s such a gift to have friends that have seen you before and after puberty and it just hit me that all the friends we make after this will never be classified as ‘childhood’ friends. Sure, they’ll see you grow and learn with you, but it’s never the same as when you’re in the school uniform together with your buddy, sharing your first days of school together, way back when teasing someone about boys was considered the norm.

Digression aside, childhood friends with existing relationships don’t come by easy and I’m blessed to say that at least one of them remains a pal to this day. With him studying in the UK for the past two years, he hasn’t made much of an appearance in this blog of late but we took some time to catch up before heading to London to our respective universities with one of the coolest things I’ve done in a while..

PRAWN FISHING!!! Open-mouthed smile Open-mouthed smile 

photo 4

This is Melvin!

photo 1 (1)

And this is me! (lolololol, as if you all didn’t know Smile with tongue out)

Before I continue, I apologize for the quality inconsistency in my photos. Heh.

Because I was so insistent on trying out prawn fishing, although the usual place Melvin goes to was closed, we randomly Googled for another in the area and headed there instead. Open-mouthed smile 

Mel’s a real pro, having fished real huge prawns back when he lived in Kuching so this was all very meh to him but for me, it was a whole new world! Surprised smile 

photo 1 (2)

photo 2 (2)
Oooooo. Look at all the people!

photo 3 (1)
We chose a spot and plunked there for an hour.

photo 3 (2)
Me, being very very excited with my skinny fishing rod.

Excited would be an understatement to describe how I felt. I think I was just amazed into a temporary silence at the fact that I was actually fishing… although the fishing was done in a shop lot and it was really just a big tank of prawns and water.

This might bother the more squeamish so uhh.. Aiya, just tahan and scroll lah. Smile with tongue out 

photo 5 (1)

I didn’t have the heart to cut it up because it was still moving so vigorously so I left the dirty job to Melvin. Smile with tongue out It’s quite an evil feeling lo, and I couldn’t help but feel extremely sorry for the poor earthworm who had to sacrifice itself for our activity. But I rationalized that it wasn’t too bad since the prawns were actually meant to be taken home and eaten so it really wasn’t that much of a waste of life.. As opposed to yknow.. just killing them aimlessly.

photo 4 (1)
The story of my first bite was quite a dramatic one. Well, at least to me!

The water was still and Melvin had expertly hooked some bait onto the end of my fishing line. I remember staring at the line so intently, just willing for it to move.. and suddenly, it did!

Naturally, I panicked. I yanked the rod backwards and at the end of the line, there was a prawn!

photo (3)
And noo, not this one.

You see, although the prawn had fallen into my trap, prawn fishing is supposedly an art that I had yet to master and the prawn I pulled out of the water flung backwards onto the wall and was slung back into the water.

Crying faceCrying faceCrying faceCrying faceCrying faceCrying face

And then everyone laughed at me and I emo-ed because I lost a prawn. Sad smile 

BUT! The man with the white beard behind me in the picture above was a seasoned prawn catcher. He had apparently been catching prawns ever since he was a kid in his kampung and was easily pulling prawns out of the water.

I asked for his help and he kindly explained to me how he did it. Although I didn’t actually understand the wrist movement theory thing, the next time I got a bite, he helped me pull out the prawn and I officially caught my first prawn in the picture above!!! Open-mouthed smile Open-mouthed smile Open-mouthed smile 

It was so euphoric that I sat there very very focused and after a while, managed to catch another one entirely on my own!!! Whereas.. Melvin the Babarian stuck his hands into the water and pulled out one. Smile with tongue out To his credit, catching one with your hand is probably even more difficult than with a rod. Smile with tongue out 

photo 4 (2)
Our prawns in the plastic bag!

Some people go home with loads and loads of them but I was already so content with my 2 prawns that I don’t think catching any more could have made me happier. Happiness saturation point. Smile with tongue out 

photo 5
For those interested, you can access their FB page here!

It cost RM18 per person per hour and RM3 for the worm, but the nice man at the counter charged us only RM33. Open-mouthed smile They have special rates for those fishing for longer hours and although it definitely isn’t going to be a common past time for me, I loved that I have tried it at least once and would want to go back when I can.

ALSO, this is where I start showing off..


Melvin and I have been Potterheads ever since primary school way back when we used to talk about the books when they were still being released! Now.. *sniffles*.. even all the movies have come out already but as someone who knows and appreciates my love for this world, Melvin got me an Elder Wand for my birthday!!! Open-mouthed smile Open-mouthed smile 


It comes in a very realistic fancy box and holding the wand in my hand makes me feel as though I’ve finally.. finally.. received that Hogwarts letter.


Look at that detail on the wand!

Ahh. *sighs blissfully*

And well, uh.. to keep in theme, here’s a cute Harry Potter cartoon thing to brighten your day! Open-mouthed smile 

I would’ve posted one of a baby prawn.. but they really aren’t very cute. =/
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  1. I too have done lot of fishing with my friends during school days and also during all the vacations whenever we use to meet at one place.
    Wreck Fishing Key West, FL

    1. Hey Carol! Ahaha, well it sure is a great activity to do with friends! :)

  2. I really admire how much you treasure friendships,i too believe friendships are important,especially in this dog eat dog world.I can really see that you are pretty much a very adventurous person,you enjoy doing outdoor activities over the typical urban shopping lifestyle.Girls like you are being extinct,so please give birth to more adventurous daughters like you ^^ take care

    1. Yeah you're right, really. It makes me sad that competition can sometimes get in the way of friendship but I guess once youve really made good friends you can trust, nothing should be able to stand in the way.

      Haha and uhh.. Outdoor activities to a certain extent. I think I'd like to be an adventurous person because I love doing non conventional activities but I'm too lazy to really be outdoor-sy. I'm trying though! And that daughter remark.. is really strange. >.< hahah, maybe one day!

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