Things I Hate #3

Monday, September 16, 2013
Hatred is a funny thing and once again, I must remind people that I use the term hate very very loosely but it just occurred to me that there's something that bugs me very much and I MUST SHARE IT WITH THE WORLD (and by world, I mean you guys. LOL sad case).

Yknow phrases like "I'll show you some respect when you show me some respect"? Ahh, I can't stand those! Rather than perpetuate a cycle of respect, more often than not, it sends the message that a chain of disrespect is fine because "the other guy isn't showing me respect".


If everyone waits for someone to show them respect first, then who is going to start? Logically, if most people live by that saying, it wouldn't be a problem because it really is a positive Domino effect.. But in reality, if no one knocks down the first Domino, how are the rest going to fall? The idea that respect should be earned is fair enough and often enough, one earns respect when he treats those inferior with respect as well but the phrase on its own is already so confrontational, I can't imagine being willing to succumb to someone who lives by those principles.

Why wait for someone else to do something good? If we all know that respecting and treating people well is something that we should be doing, shouldn't we just be nice on our own accord?

ALSO, the whole concept of "you're nice to me, I'm nice to you" is fine and dandy but I hate it when it turns into "I'm nice to you, and thus you should be nice to me". Of course, it is GOOD to be nice to people. And it's WONDERFUL to appreciate the effort of others. But when you do something for someone, don't get so affronted when your expectation of something in return is instead a "I didn't ask you to".

It's a fair statement to make but it gets people so offended. Feeling hurt is one thing because that's just a feeling that comes with unmet expectations.. But feeling angry? That, I don't understand. You do something for someone to make them happy and when they don't give you the reaction you want, did you really do it for their joy.. Or was it for a response?

LOL everything's just cyclical and full of assumptions now. But basically..

In a nutshell, do good.

Don't wait for others to do good for you to do good.

Don't do good with the expectation that others will do good.

Yknow what? Don't just do good.

Be good.

PS: And on another note, I’m pretty certain I’ve lost my camera’s memory card so I’m very very upset and would like to cry a bucketful of sorrowful tears.
2 comments on "Things I Hate #3"
  1. Well said Tiffany. It's exasperating how reciprocal respect is such a rare commodity these days. Equally endangered is plain old being nice. Ho hum...anyway, so happy to know you're off to LSE, congratulations! !! Make the most of the experience, it us just the beginning of a most exciting journey. Stay awesome.

    1. Haha I only hope that if a number of us try being good, the rest of the world will turn out fine. :) thanks so much for your well wishes! :) I'm so excited and I hope I do make the best of it! ^^


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