In with the old!

Monday, October 14, 2013

This may sound terribly self-indulgent but one of my favourite things to hear is my mom asking me “Why are you so smart?” And the satisfying thing about it is that she says it due to all sorts of things - from me fixing some weird computer issue which really just required restarting to me scoring well on some difficult exam. 

She shows no distinction over the small near skill-less tasks and the huge really mentally exhausting things. I suppose that now I’m all the way here, and my mom is all the way at home, I’m starting to get a little more sentimental over tiny things like these and I’m just missing the small bits of affirmation and encouragement she’d give me over the most insignificant of things.

When I headed to the British Museum a couple of days back with my friends, I thought of my mom who has always been my travel/museum buddy. We both have such an interest in history but a poor appreciation for so many of the finer things a museum would display; so going to museums with her is wonderful, because we’d slow down at the same exhibitions, and walk past the same ones which don’t catch our eye. Whenever we pass by exhibitions which display things I’ve read about before, I’d excitedly tell her some random fact and she’d say those words.. Why are you so smart?

Hahah, instant ego boost. Smile with tongue out When really, it has nothing to do with my intelligence (or lack thereof) and more to do with the chance that I had happened to stumble across that information before. Here, when I tell people I wanna go to the museum, I get greeted with a ‘why are you so boring?’ instead. Smile with tongue out

Still, I was blessed enough to have a group of people be interested in heading to the museum with me on Saturday. Open-mouthed smile 

Leon, Tummy, Hou Yi, En Leang.

The thing about going out in groups without a tripod is that not everyone gets to be a in a group photo at once. So one pops out and the other runs in. Smile with tongue out 

WITH MOIIII! Open-mouthed smile 


The museum is barely a 10 minute walk from where we stay so it was really convenient! Entrance is free as well so it was a pretty good (and cheap) way to spend an afternoon. Open-mouthed smile

By the entrance of the museum.

What a mockery LOL. Thanks, thanks a lot. Smile with tongue out 


This may sound extremely creepy but I love poking people’s dimples! Don’t you just wanna press your finger into that facial indentation!?!?!?


Creepiness aside, the museum itself was massive! But sensitive to the needs of weak-kneed folks like myself, it provides chairs for people to carry around and use in the museum.



We didn’t have much time so chose to explore the Ancient Greece, Egypt, and Middle Ages section.

What a bizzare exhibition. Smile with tongue out


We were all so much more fascinated by how they managed to transport the whole thing into the museum than the exhibitions themselves.

The nation’s future leaders, ladies and gentlemen.


With a mini model of the Parthenon.

One of the metopes on display. This one tells a pretty cool story because although it’s just one image, it shows how the centaur is close to defeating the (naked) man on the ground. But, the man has a stone in his left hand which could potentially change the results of this fight. Ooooooooo.


So much violence! Sad smile


A beautiful sculpture of Aphrodite (or Venus, according to the Greeks). Look at the flowing cloth around her waist. How amazing must the sculptor be to turn something so solid into something that looks so fluid.

In Egypt, Tummy had to pick a fight with the Pharaoh and got dealt a punch by his massive fist.


Hahahah. Hi. Open-mouthed smileLeaning against a graphite column from Egypt!

At the time we were there, there was a Japanese exhibition on how sex is depicted in their art. We aren’t members and thus couldn’t enter but I guess we got our own sexy exhibition to admire.. =/

Hello, ladies.


All in all, a good tourist-y day! I would probably go back there on an empty day just to join all the tours and take my own sweet time walking around. Dickens’ House Museum and the Foundling Museum are just a few minutes walk away from my hall as well, but these are pay per entry museums so I’d probably head there once I’m done with all of the free attractions. Smile with tongue out 

Till then, I leave you with an attractive picture of my friends and me.


You love us! Winking smileDon’t we look like people you’d love to know? Smile with tongue out

PS: I’ve been having such a dilemma! If I go out with my umbrella to face the drizzling and strong winds, what if my umbrella spoils? But if I don’t.. what chance does my flimsy raincoat stand!? Decisions, decisions. What would you do?

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    1. Sabbbbbyyyy! Ahaha got it from Coach! Love it cause it's both a slingbag and a handbag!

  2. One of the criteria in getting the bank negara scholarship is straight A+s right?

    1. Haha so random! But I think it's 8A1, as in A+s and As.


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