Breaking a World Record!

Saturday, November 23, 2013
Yes, you read that right!

Broke a WORLD RECORD, ladies and gentlemen!


I’ve had ‘break a record’ on my bucket list for a pretty long time. I wasn’t even ambitious enough to state world record; I would’ve been content with a national one!

But for someone who isn’t athletically inclined in any way, sports records seemed out of the question. I don’t have the patience for endurance records (hug a person for 30 hours, etc.) and couldn’t possibly break a legit achievement record! At one point of my life, I considered attempting the record for highest number of words said in a minute (I do speak very quickly!) but even that seemed highly improbable!

Who knew that London would be the answer to my seemingly impossible dream?

But before I get to the actual record breaking, I just wanna share a little about my new friends! Open-mouthed smile (LOL, so sad, as though I’ve never had friends before. Smile with tongue out)

Andrea, Tiffany, Annie, Ces, Cherry, Arisa, Michelle

Despite the stories of competitive back-stabbing peers you’d meet at LSE, I think I managed to find myself in a really encouraging, genuine group of girl friends! They’re all from different countries so we have our own quirks and our respective accents, but it’s always a pleasure when conversation steers towards ‘In my country, we do…”.

As I try to grasp the concept of saying “Cheers” in place of “Thank you” and hear the word ‘dude’ used about 25 times a day, they try to get used to me saying lah all the time. And it is so weird when it’s reciprocated!


(LOL please note how my love remained mostly unreturned)

Well, this group of friends (+ En Leang) headed to Canary Wharf at the invitation of Ces’ sister in an attempt to break the record for Longest Conga Line on Ice. Surprised smile

For starters, I think you all deserve to know that I doubt I’ve ever participated in a conga line in my entire life and ice skating isn’t exactly my forte. But it wasn’t as bad as you’d think! We got to hold on to the person in front of us by the waist and if we held on tightly enough, didn’t even have to put in much effort as we got dragged around the rink! Smile with tongue out At first, we were worried we’d be the cause of the failure of the record, but then again, even if the conga line didn’t work out, we could have the longest human domino chain on ice. Winking smile

photo 1 (10)

With Arisa. For some reason, we both look pretty alike in this photo! Don’t be fooled by her smile though, she’s absolutely terrified. ;P Can’t skate at all. Smile with tongue out

photo 3 (10)

And here’s En Leang and I breaking off from the conga line before it started for this photo. (ugh, such show offs)

photo 4 (4)

Look at all the sparkly lights! Oooooooo.

This is the first time I have ever skated outdoors and it is really cool.. literally! Ha ha ha. Ahem.
In all seriousness however, skating outdoors is quite an experience. The ice turns into water quite quickly so at certain parts of the rink, you’d be skating through puddles of water rather than ice. The temperature isn’t quite low enough to keep the rink frozen, but it is still a lot colder than when you skate indoors. Brr! So, be sure to dress warmly!

photo 4 (9)

photo 4 (10)

With girls who grew up with ice skating lessons. Apparently it’s a thing in Hong Kong. Who knew?
As for the actual record breaking, it took two attempts before it was declared victorious! The first time we went around, we managed to conga for about 3 minutes before the line broke and we had to start over.

The enthusiasm for actual conga-ing wasn’t quite there though as you could tell most were just trying to stay balanced. Smile with tongue out We had to shuffle, shuffle, kick and repeat that throughout for 5 minutes straight but by the 3rd minute, you could kind of see half-hearted leg lifts in place of a kick. Smile with tongue out

But a couple of kicks later and some mild screams, we were officially record breakers!


Just us girls. Smile with tongue out

It was such a good reward after the many thousand word essays we’ve been assigned and we were all tickled by how  the biggest achievement we’ve gotten since arriving at the LSE was completely non-academic! Smile with tongue out How much better can you get after breaking a world record??!

Saying goodbye to Canary Wharf!

I personally loved Canary Wharf at night, with its skyscrapers and city lights! As beautiful as Central London is, a KL girl like myself can’t help but miss the glass and steel of an industrial city and Canary Wharf has been the closest I got to that since getting here. Smile

And to match the slowly declining temperature and my increasing indolence, here’s a polar bear!

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