Old Town 97, Chinatown

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Just hearing the term Old Town brings me back to Malaysia where white coffee in small ceramic mugs and a side of kaya buttered toast sit on a rickety brown table ready to be consumed. You won’t get that from the Old Town in London but just hearing the name brings back fond memories. It just goes to show how much a Malaysian abroad can miss the food  back home when Old Town 97, a Chinatown branch with servings 5 times more expensive than the dishes back home (but fairly priced for London food), sits high on her list of best London meals.


There is a lot more to me and tiffanykml.com than just food, I assure you, but blogging about anything else just requires so much more effort! I really am excited to share about my Halloween here, my course, my new friends, and all the new places I’ve been but writing about food is such an easy touch and go subject that in comparison, other (shallow) things I’d like to blog about feel a lot more difficult to breach.

At the International Hall cinema with En Leang in an attempt to do something besides reading and writing. >.<

It doesn’t help that I find myself indulging in good food so often! Back in college, because En Leang and I were from different classes, we dedicated some time every Wednesday for each other to help us ‘maintain our friendship’. Most of the time it was spent with me bombarding him with all sorts of questions pertaining to Mathematics and Physics, but now, our “Wednesday time'” (if I don’t cancel due to the ridiculous amount of reading required Crying face) is spent exploring good food places!

And this guy here..

… is Shane!

Because we go to different universities and share a huge appetite for good food, we allocate a day for us to spend time together as well! Because I’m the only Malaysian in my hall taking this course at LSE, my schedules are vastly different from my friends’ and I feel blessed that Shane and I get to have some time on Friday for often, very good lunch! Open-mouthed smile

I think this day allocation thing is a really good way to ensure that you always find time for your friends. Although it sounds a little ridiculous, it often is just an hour of your day that you plan to set aside for a friend and in the event that you have work or other commitments, cancelling is totally okay! Oftentimes, people take for granted the time they get to spend with the people important to them because they think, “Oh, they’re so nearby!” but unless effort is taken, it can become really easy to lose certain relationships due to the new lifestyles we all have.

Baby J and I have agreed to have Thursday phonecalls because she’s all the way in Coventry but honestly, we haven’t really been keeping to that. But I will make more of an effort after this blog post!! Open-mouthed smile 

But, enough digression! To the food! After this picture of me. Smile with tongue out 


Siew Yuk & Char Siew Rice (£6.80)


Gah, just look at how glorious that looks!


Shane had this and I only tried a piece of siew yuk (which was good, but didn’t stand out from the usual Malaysian hawker fare) but he said that it tasted better his first time there when the siew yuk was crispy but was lacklustre on his second visit. But he said he loved the char siew on both occasions! Probably a gamble with this dish then but at least you know where to get your fix if you have a desperate craving for it.

For me, the highlight of the place, and the reason why I Instagrammed and Tweeted about it is because of this – LSE Fried Rice (£9.80)


If you love eggs and have a gigantic appetite, this is the dish for you! Although I might have been a little more in love with it if the fried egg had runny yolk, it was still so eggy and good! After a walk in the drizzly London weather, cold and hungry, this dish definitely made my stomach very very happy.


Look at what a gigantic portion that is! Definitely enough for two girls, although I may have almost eaten the whole thing on my own. *shifty eyes*

LSE Fried Rice isn’t on the standard menu, if I’m not mistaken and rumour has it that some girl was craving this dish and gave the recipe to the chef. He tried making it and found it so good that he wanted to include it in the permanent menu! When he asked her to named it, she named it after her university and tadah – LSE fried rice was born!

The pork on the side comes with a goeey eggy sauce that was somewhat sweet and peppery and I found that the whole dish tasted better with everything mixed up. Definitely something worth trying at least once if you live in London! Open-mouthed smile 


It was raining again and we had no umbrella so Shane had to wear my jacket (which fit him a little too well!) and I wore his leather one instead which came with a hood!


The day concluded with the sweetest £1.90 strawberries (from the cart outside Russell Square station) and a toothy surprise!


Now I knew I dropped a tooth somewhere! Winking smile 


Stupid Shane went and ate my special strawberry, forgot he did, sent me on a mad hunt around my room for a strawberry to end up with.. “Okay, maybe I ate it.”




Ah well, at least it isn’t rotting somewhere in a corner?

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