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Sunday, November 17, 2013
I have a confession to make.


Although I proudly share of my Malaysian ancestry and say I’m Chinese to whoever who asks, I now confess that it isn’t completely true. In fact, through my veins flow a smattering of Thai blood and although it is so insignificant that I wouldn’t be able to claim any relatives in Thailand, I’d like to believe that my absolute weakness for Thai food can somehow be attributed to my love for ‘my’ culture.

And of course, my Chinese side shines through when this love extends to delicious and affordable Thai food. Winking smile

Greeted by a wave of prosperity.


Just a couple of metres away from UCL and Tottenham Court Road, Siam Central is a treasure in the expensive city that is London. I went at about 1pm and throughout the whole time, it was busy and brimming with people looking for their Thai fix.

Yikes. The awkward eye-contact photo. Why couldn’t you just keep eating??

Siam Central serves 2 course and 3 course meals for their Express Lunch at £8 and £10 respectively, which is very reasonable! Unfortunately, I didn’t get to take a picture of the menu, but there were quite a number of items to choose from and most of them sounded delicious! A good idea would be to come with a group of friends and order different dish combinations to sample as much as possible. Open-mouthed smile

Vegetarian Spring Rolls

Crispy and hot, but not too oily, the spring rolls were really good! It definitely wasn’t extraordinary in any way, but the glass noodles in the roll didn’t taste as though they came from a frozen pack and the vegetables weren’t overpowering. Coupled with the sweet-spicy Thai chilli sauce, it was just enough to whet one’s appetite.

If I’m not mistaken, this was the Prawn and Chicken Toast.

This was savoury and pretty good, but I wouldn’t go back for more. The bread at the base was much too drenched in oil for my liking, but it’s worth a try just to break the monotony of regular Spring Roll appetizers.

They had a couple of Chinese dishes as appetizers such as dumplings, so don’t be worried about not having much of a choice! I would still recommend spring rolls for sure but for the price, feel free to experiment with the combinations!

Pineapple Fried Rice!

The serving of Pineapple Fried Rice was absolutely fantastic! Huge chunks of pineapple were cooked in with the rice, complete with egg and a choice of either pork or chicken. The pineapples left the rice fragrant and flavourful and the meat gave it just the right amount of bite. It could be that the cold winter makes hot food taste all the better, but this dish really did the trick for me!

Green Curry!

Their green curry (with a choice of either beef, pork, or chicken) came with a helping of rice and a salad.

The curry was good and had a good portion of meat. Although I would have liked it had there been a little more of it (because we ate it with the fried rice as well, heh) and it could have afforded to be a little more spicy, it was creamy and didn’t lack in flavour. The vegetables weren’t too hard (which tends to be a problem whenever I eat Thai food, as though they decided to throw them in the pot at the last minute, ugh) and I appreciated the salad on the side.

DSC_0218Banana Fritters!

The moment this arrived at the table in all its golden glory, I could immediately smell the honey that glazed the bananas and was drizzled over the vanilla ice cream. There’s really not much to say about banana fritters because everyone just loves the contrast of fried, hot food against creamy, cold ice cream. I’m glad to say that the ice cream wasn’t sickeningly sweet and neither were the fritters. I would have liked it with a little less honey and probably bananas that were more ripe (I felt that the insides weren’t mushy enough), but that’s just me being picky and it was decent. Smile

All in all, for 5 perfectly delicious dishes at a total of £19.80 including service charge, I’d say it was a pretty good deal! I’ll definitely be back again for more, and I would recommend that you do too! Open-mouthed smile

14 Charlotte Street (Windmill Street),
London W1T 2LX,

Opening Hours:
12pm – 11pm
1pm – 10.30pm
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