5 Reasons To Start Knitting

Saturday, January 4, 2014

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Hello. my dear monkey friends!

Take time to admire the piece of work hanging around my neck because it is the product of my own handiwork! Open-mouthed smile *is proud* Actually, no lah. My mom and grandma helped me a lot on it because they were afraid I wouldn’t be able to finish it before flying back (since I ambitiously decide to start on one the moment I arrived in Malaysia) but lo and behold – it is done! Open-mouthed smile 

I’ve mentioned knitting before on other social media platforms like Twitter (@tiffanykhoo) and Instagram (@tiffanykml) so you finally get to see the product of my handiwork! But more than just  looking at my work, I’m here to tell you why you should knit!

1. It’s therapeutic

Sitting on your bed and chilling with some knitting needles is a pretty good way to just unwind. After doing it for some time, you should be able to converse normally whilst knitting and not only does that keep your hands busy for those who can’t sit still, its repetitive motions can be calming.

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Knitting in bed!

2. It’s a good time filler

Nowadays, when waiting for someone, or bored in the car, or anything really, we end up playing with our phones. And whilst I don’t discredit the merits of a phone because there really is so much you can do on it, sometimes it’s just good to fill your time with something non-digital for a change.

From my instagram.

Like how I brought my knitting needles in the car to knit on the way to Penang!

So, where does one knit knitwear? Smile with tongue out 

Anywhere’s the answer!

photo 3
If you’re careful, you could even knit whilst waiting for your food in restraurants!

3. It can be cheap

When my grandma started learning how to knit, she said each scarf could go up in price to over RM50 to make, excluding the cost of getting someone to teach you. Thanks to synthetic yarn and the easy availability of online guides, my scarf cost only RM30 and could’ve been even cheaper had I not made it so thick. =/

I got my yarn from Daiso (that place has everything!) for RM5 each, and you could even get knitting needles there! I used about 6 balls of yarn for my scarf but it was 40 stitches thick (which is its width). If you want it thinner like more conventional scarves, 5 balls should suffice! For reference, if you’re planning to start, I used 5.5mm needles, but anything from 4.5 –5.5 should be fine! Smile 

4. It’s a good conversation starter

“Hey, what’s up?”

“Not much, just knitting.”

“Oh.. Wait- what?”

photo 2 (1)

Yep, knitting can be a great topic to talk about when there isn’t much to say. Smile with tongue out 

HAHAHA, clearly I am an absolute loser at small talk so knitting ends up becoming the more interesting aspect of my life but this ordinary hobby is something that does catch attention because it is just so.. traditional.

5. It’s fulfilling

Granted, for a busy schedule, knitting just doesn’t seem to fit in. It could take hours and hours on end and because it isn’t a priority, you can’t help but feel that you have better things to do.

But, it is fulfilling.

It’s the kind of DIY that would last for years and years.

I was actually motivated to knit because I found a sweater that my mom had knit for my dad when she was 18 and it is still wearable till today! Producing your own piece of clothing just isn’t something money can buy and won’t be easily forgotten. 

So, ditch those inhibitions and grab those knitting needles! Open-mouthed smile 

The Internet is here to help! Smile

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